Cold Steel Ghurki vs Ang Khola ghurki...

Cliff Stamp,

You own a HI don't you? Because you have to have one to know. I just got 20 inch sir today and words don't do it justice. For anyone who has a CS catolog on pg 35 they have pic of Dr. Gyi who is chief of Bando. He is not holding a CS in his hand but a "REAL" Khukuri. Thanks Cliff.

Drac Noroc

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I have to admit, I like the HI villagers BECAUSE of the blemishes which are reminders of their origins by down to earth makers. It also helps that their prices are more than reasonable but provides a living for the Nepalese makers.

I have several of GH's line now and think Craig offers fine products for the money. They are "real" goods, made in Nepal and function quite well.

I also own a couple of HI's, WWII and 15" AK, and look forward to getting a 18" AK someday. To me these are the TOP OF THE LINE, I love having them and using them. I like Bill and the HI crew. These are great products representing a great lineage and spirit. I dont' mind the costs, which are still relatively cheap, though I have to save a bit more.

As for CS, don't have one and somehow I just don't think I ever will. There is no need for me to have with the HI and GH products out there.

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