COLD STEEL Throwers,,, save yur money??

I didn't think the throwers were Carbon V, as for it being a quality steel, it is obviously not suitable for a throwing knife where you want extreme impact toughness.

In regards to hammering breaking quality throwers, take a skillsaw blade and beat on it with a hammer and see what happens.


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I have quite a few each of the new CS throwers; Mini-Flight, Sure-Flight and Pro-Flight.
For the record, the ones that I have all have "Carbon V" stamped into the blade.
I am of the opinion that Carbon V would not make a good thrower but I haven't had any problems out of the ones that I own. I also have no problems making them stick.


I have some really cheap throwers that I have been sticking into anything I could lay my eyes on - trees, logs, doors - you name it

I never broke any of them - but I did bend them allot - then - a good smack with the hammer got them beck to true.

As for better throwers - I have some good experience with Gil Hibbins - he makes good balanced knives at reasonable price and they never bend or fail - and they are very well balanced.

Try them - they're fun

I have a True Flight Thrower and a Norse Axe, both of which throw like dream. I am not all that practiced at throwing knives, but I was showing a friend my tft and I threw it point first through a half inch of hardwood. He calls me Tin-Tin now (like the guy from The Crow). Their knife mad a mediocre guy like me look skilled, and it is pretty awesome. It is Carbon V. I also have a Special forces shovel, but it is too cold to throw right now. My buddy has a Torpedo, and those thing are wicked. He threw his about four inches into a willow tree, and I was quite impressed. Another one of my friends mounted a Bushman on a shaft and sent it though the wall of his barn. If you still doubt CS's quality, watch the video PROOF. These guys are real pros, not just some fancy "knife artists".

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got a set of hibbens myself great knives can sink them in a deer target at 40 feet or slap tem into a board in under 10.

Has anyone tried the cs torpedo looks interesting but have not gotten one yet.

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