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Cold Steel Warranty!

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Dec 12, 2007
I recently had a very positive experience with Cold Steel. I had a second generation Aus8 American Lawman I used heavily at work(construction). One day while possibly being too hasty in my choice of tools, I began chopping a 1.5" pine branch. During this rush I was being sloppy in my technique; ended up snapping a half Moon out of the blade about 1" long 1/2" deep. So I just put the knife away and decided it was my fault and lesson learned. So recently I thought what if it wasn't really just my fault maybe a flaw of some kind as it was only green pine. I decided to contact Cold Steel, after a couple emails with pics they told me to send it in. I sent it and after a pretty long wait(I was in no real hurry) I called them up to get an update. I was told it was considered a heat treat issue after they looked it over. Then they sent me out a new S35VN American Lawman to replace mine! I received it yesterday in a blizzard and what a great knife, smooth as a Spyderco! And the new models are thinner by 25% but still very comfortable. I have never used a warranty in my life and I am happy I did.
The rep from Cold Steel said they get a certain percentage of blades that have heat treat issues, he said less than one in one thousand has an issue. Something around this number is apparently industry standard. He didn't give specifics but it was my impression that inclusions almost never happen, so they must get nice steel. The representative was helpful informed and informative, I wish I could remember his name.
My past experience with Cold Steel customer service was positive as well.