Confortable Handles ! The worst and the best ?

Oct 16, 1998

What are the most confortable and less confortable for a utility knife.

For example I really love my old Sebenza but, the handle is painful when you need to cut deep.
At the opposite the Schrade Sharpfinger or the Wegner from Spyderco are really confortable and you can apply much more force in your cut.

(I was thinking about that topic because, at first glance I was thinking the Benchmade Nimravus with his "special" handle should be a blister maker. And after one week of working with that knife, finally, the grip is not painful at all aned very secure. I just love that knife !)

I have been also really surprised by the confort on the Starmate for hard and deep cut. This is also a reason why we put it in the utility knives more than in the "tactical".
Another confortable and well balanced knife is the AFCK 800.

But also sometime cheap knives (Schrade) are so confortable , you can use them all day long without to "feel" tired...

Anything by Allen Elishewitz.....Also Ontario's Spec Plus line...they are very comfortable in the hand and on your wallet!
Best: Benchmade Elishewitz Styker, REKAT Pioneer, Ralph Krait, Mad Dog, Black Cloud

Worst: Microtech SOCOM, Sebenza
Best: Axis 710, Stryker, Mad Dog, Busse Basic, Polkowski Pug, Benchmade AFO9000, Dozier KM-2FG, Nimravus (I rounded the Butt Tang).

Worst: Pinnacle 710, Starmate, Emerson CQC7

I agree with the micarta being the most comfortable. (if shaped properly)Bead blast it and it grips even better. Very warm material in your hand. Kind of like wood, but without being subject to warpage, shrinking, swelling and cracking.

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I'd have to say the Benchmade 705/710's. Also, I am quite pleased with the handle on the Busse #9.

Strangely enough, I just bought a Buck Ranger in our company store. Two reasons - the company logo engraved in the handle and the feel. Man, it feels great. Probably won't ever actually use it though, so I guess that takes it out of the utility category.

Also, Gerber's Gator. I really appreciated how the handle "stick" after you've been holding it for a while.

A machete with that Gerber stuff would be great!


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A good example of well shaped micarta is the tanto on page 55 of the Christmas issue ofBlade Magazine

very comfortable knife
I could be a lil' biased though

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Winner of "Best Tactical Knife" at 1999 PKA show
My website
See my award winning "Spec Ops Tanto" in Gallery 3 of my website
Discounts to Police and Active Duty Military

You know, I nearly forgot about the Gerber Gator. Great feeling handle! Totally pedestrian knife.

Most comfy handle?

REKAT Carnivour
BM Pinnacle

Fixed blades:
Fallkniven's A1 & F1
Nimravus big & Cub
CS Trailmaster

in that order.
At least for me.

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I find CS's kraton handles very comfortable. Under adverse conditions (cold, wet, snow, covered with animal fat, gore, etc.) they are tough to beat. Not pretty tho'. Micarta looks great but I haven't had a chance to try the one I have under similar conditions (Colorado Cutlery small hunter). Properly shaped wood is hard to beat -- Roselli's big hunter grip is totally functional (handsome, too, with that curly Arctic birch).

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Most comfy for me, almost all of Al Polkowski's knives. Crawford KFF and Wortac. Spyderco Wegner is probably most comfy factory knife.

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Worst: any folder with flat sides and corners. (No doubt one of them is worse than all the others, but I'm not going to experiment to find out which....)

Best: any handle you make yourself to fit your own hand. You know, up until only a couple of hundred years ago the usual way to buy knives and other tools was without handles and we made our own to suit ourselves. What's happened to the younger generations??? And young people had more respect for their elders during the ice age before last....

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Best: I pretty much agree with everything Alberta Ed wrote (see above)

Worst: I don't know about the absolute, all around worst handle ever, but the BM Ascent is not great for a good quality knife. I have a 3.5" one and the handle curves do not fit my fingers. Actually, I just discovered a couple of days ago that it fits exactly if it is upside down! The index finger curve is too large for one finger and too small for two, but a curved thumb pad fits well.