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Confortable Handles ! The worst and the best ?


for cutting chips of hard wood

the best confortable folder: Wegner junior
the worst confortable folder: Old Sebenza

for the fixed blade

the best confortable FB: the Schrade Sharpfinger/ WOlverine

the worst... unfortunatly it's a knife we are testing and reviewing these days...


I had a Cold Steel Master Hunter and think it's one of the best overall bang-for-the-buck knives. Handle is decent, but after strenuous or long use, I found it a bit too sticky or tacky-feeling.

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BM Reflex and Styrker both have great handles.Lately I find my Paragon Cobra to be extremley cofortable.As for fixed my small Jim Turcek hunter has a fantastic feel to it.

I was not thinking about "feeling".

I really enjoy my old Sebenza feeling.
But when I cut hard it's painful...

I should asked for the less painful handle ;-)