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CPK Pet Thread


Gold Member
Apr 6, 2004
Haley the German shepherd -- as a puppy.


hovering overhead
Staff member
Super Mod
Oct 2, 1998
We have rescued 3 Schnauzers to date, (still have all three) God is our house noisy!
Our vet loves us and calls when she finds any.
My parents brought home a miniature Schnauzer while I was away at college. I don't know what that says about me and / or my replacement...and I'm not sure I want to know. 😂


Platinum Member
Jun 20, 2018
I’ve wanted a German Shepherd for a long time. My wife wants a cute and small “therapy” dog for use with her work.
I want a dog to MAKE you cry and she wants one to help you STOP crying.
So we are at an impasse.

It is my personal experience that small dogs considered cute by their female owners tend to be loud :D

Then again, could be a California thing.

Plus, a big dog can help with both non-physical and physical therapy :)



Gold Member
Oct 23, 2015
Cool photo. Wild Death Valley donkeys. Got a new tire there once, after ruining it in Death Valley driving to the “Race Track”.
Nice name for them. Yea, we saw a little herd (8 or so) of them running across the road and then along the shoulder. There was a couple of little ones too.
Hope you won your race too.
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