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Nov 27, 2014
After coming to the conclusion that raising 2 puppies at my tender age of an old fart was simply going to be untenable, I put the word out that there was potentially one puppy available for adoption and forever home and luckily I found a very nice young couple currently W/O kids (he's in the AF and she a vet's tech studying to be come a vet on his GI bill) who fell in love with Finley (the one with the Rottie colors) and picked him up a couple of days ago after I had taken care of his second set of shots and vet visit for a clean bill of health.

So as of now is just ol' Unc. Matty and Roman (plus Molly the rescue from last year which is my Ex's as a part-timer) starting out the next chapter. He was sad for a couple of days because he has gradually seen his little pack disappear but lots of love and affection plus of course treats and daytime seems to be doing the trick. He went to the vet a couple of days ago for his shots and he tipped the scales at 38.7 lb. 3 days short of his 4 months! I really think that he will be a VERY BIG pup someday!

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I like him. Beautiful colors.


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Jun 20, 2018
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