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cpm154 skinner with stabilized walnut (repost)

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Feb 13, 2011
At bargain price of $SOLD

.197" thick hollow ground cpm154 with machine finish (scotchbright)
7 1/4" OAL with 3" blade
Aim hardness HRC 61
Stabilized Curly walnut, red g-10 liners, with 304 stainless pins and thong tube
Machine sewn leather sheath dyed "walnut" color.

This is a purpose built skinning machine. It balances at the second finger to keep the blade feel light and nimble. It will arrive razor sharp and ready to perform.
IMG_1688.JPG IMG_1689.JPG IMG_1690.JPG
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Mr. Dedmon, I can, as I kept the pattern. I had no intentions of making another since they are out of season they seem to sell poorly. I’d be glad to make one for you in any of the steels I have in stock, A2, D2, Abe-l, n690. I could do another steel for you if you’d like. I’d need a deposit for commitment reasons.