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CRK Umnumzaan

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Oct 18, 2014
For Sale is my Umnumzaan with Box/Papers + extras.

It was a user for a bit but still in good condition.
Has snail trails and stuff on the scales.Handle scales have been anodized. If you dont like the ano job you can have it blasted off at by sending it to CRK for spa treatment. thats one of the great things about Chris reeve knives.
Blade is Centered and Action is very smooth. No play.
Blade is still good, check pictures for condition. i tried to take a lot of pictures of everything.
Comes with Box and Papers plus extras. Only thing it doesnt come with is the Cloth and Loctite.
This has the toosl, Crk Grease, extra orings, leather lanyard, 2 lanyard pins, fillertab with screw,Pair of extra Washers and has extra standoff and bodyscrew with body pin. So 2 standoffs total already on knife. The stand offs have been anodized bronze.
Overall id say the condition is a solid 8.
Has a mirror edge which has cut stuff so not freshly mirrored but still sharp.

Ill pay for shipping . USPS. Will ship within 24 hours with tracking.
Paypal only and US only. Will be sold to the first unconditional "ill take it".
If you have qustions pm me here or can email me at youngggk@yahoo.com









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You sure CRK will re-blast the anodized scales? I understand that is case by case once "outside" work has been done to the scales. Thanks
you know what, im not sure lol.
i always thought that they did but now that i think about it. i dont know where i got that from.
i mean i guess you can take the ano off then send it but its work most people are not willing to go through.