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Jun 19, 1999
I am looking to buy this knife. I am looking for reviews of all aspects of this knife-looks, functionability, ruggedness, design, quality, etc.

Your reflections are appreciated, especially if you own the knife or have already seen it.

Also, can I expect quality in other CRKT products, including fixed-blade knives?


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I have played with the CRKT version of the Carson M-16 and was very impressed. Very solid feel, great workmanship, good grinds. Only thing I might change is maybe make the liner lock a little thicker. But for the price its fantastic. Avoid the S-2 however. In little or no time at all the frame lock is so strong it pushes right through the tang and hits the frame on the other side. Then you begin to have vertical play. CRKT's other offerings seem to be nice, and I highly recommend the M-16. Taiwan seems to be getting their $%!* together these days...jeff
I have the large Tanto M16-04 and the spearpointM16-03.Like them both very much.Nice finish.Good price.Good design.
Need I say more.


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I was pleasantly surprised when I handled and used the M16-03 last week. This is Kit's mid size production. For $50 you get the following:
* Good lock up though at first I thought the liner was a little too thin but it passed with flying colors all of the AT Barr and spine pressure tests

* Smooth action, no blade wobble and the blade rests in the middle of the handle
* Very sharp out of the box with a satin finish. AUS8 is one of the easier blades to resharpen IMO. Edge holding is so-so, but one of the reasons I buy knives with AUS8 is so they're easy to get a razor edge back again.
* Handle ergos are fine. This knife looks a lot like Kit's custom folder (though not titanium)

I should be getting the M16 large tanto tomorrow from TOT Knives. I look forward to seeing if that knife is as rugged.

Good knife, good price....can't go wrong.


I picked up an M16-04 to try out and was addicted rite away. So were several people that I let play with it. I order 8 of them from my supplier and sold half in one day at $50. a pop. I have 6 more on the way. They seem to be very addictive.


Tom Carey

Anyone know why models 02,12,03 & 13 don't have the "flipper"? Changes the Kit Carson
design somewhat.

thanks for the response I read your "great"
review before. I don't think it answers my
original question. But gain thanks
Sorry for taking so long to answer.
I didn't do a flipper on the 03 and 02 because I felt there wasn't enough weight to the smaller blades to make it "flip". After the SHOT Show, I prototyped both, using CRKT handles/liners, with the flipper and realized they would work great and would fit the hand. I have a Zytel handled prototype 12 with a flipper and have used it every day. Works great and fits my large hand. More to come on this issue.
I got the M16-04 from TOT Knives today (thanks Chris and Marti) and I have to admit that I am very impressed with it. I love the heft that this knife has. It's a big boy, too. The liner again held up well when I whacked the spine against the phone book. There is no movement against the liner when I apply manual pressure on the blade's spine. The liner move a bit within the tang when I hit the blade hard but its movement was just fractional. The blade rests right in the middle of the handle and there is no play.

The flipper acts as a guard when fully engaged and you can use it to start the opening of the blade though the ambi thumb studs work just as well. The action isn't as smooth as my Genesis or StarMate but it is still very good. This knife is only about $60 on the net!

The grind lines on the tanto version are not as even as the spear blade version (M16-03)I used last week but the knife is very sharp out of the box and this knife is very well designed.

Kit, I have a question for you. Could you please elaborate on the main use for the it to flip the knife open partially? Can it be used to flip the knife open completely or was your main goal to have a guard on a folder. No matter what it is I like it.

For the price you can't beat this knife. Very well made, very solid and like the ad says, each part of this working knife serves a purpose.



Mr. Carson,
Are there any plans to produce the spearpoint in either the small or large sizes? I recently handled a CRKT M16-03 and was extremely impressed with it; even at full retail it seemed like a steal. Trouble is, I can think of folks who'd like the bigger size or the smaller size as gifts, but couldn't find a home for the middle child. I'm no tanto fan and would love to see the spearpoint in the other sizes; that'd be two sales already


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Excellent review, I just read it. Thought you were right on the money.


Thanks kit,

That answered my question now I must decide
the Large or the Small model. Though I made let the flipper decide for me.
Kodiak pa

I think that the intention of the flipper is to use it to start the opening process and then to finish it you would flick your wrist.
I could be wrong on this and I don't have one these knives. So its a guess.
Just got the M16-04 today...It is a very well made knife for the money($44.00), The flipper works really nice, the auto's Ive played with arent this quick! Think I'll pick up another of the M16 line later this week. I have been very impressed with the quality of CRKT this past year and look forward to future products. Great knives for the $$$

To Beam:

In answering Kodiak's question, Yes, you are correct. Hit the flipper with the index finger and at the same time give a slight flick of the wrist.

The cool factor here is your knife pops open while your friends scratch their heads and say, "How did you do that? Let me see it!"

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.

David Bloch,
To Carson & M-16 Fans:

For those of you who like the M-16 or Carson knives in general. Keep your eye out for Kit Carson's Magna, by Outdoor Edge. In the same spirit of the M-16, the Magna is a strong heavy duty work knife with a slightly different flavor.

First delivery is scheduled for August. Keep your eyes on BF. I'll announce the exact delivery when they become available.

Dave & Beam,
You guys are right. Press on the flipper and flick your wrist and the blade just snaps out. Not very loud but very quick.

I really like this knife. My only concern with it is that I notice the liner moves towards the right just a bit with hard use but it doesn't jam and can be disengage easily. I guess time will tell if it will go over farther. I noticed the same thing with the M16-03. The movement is just fracitional and I'm probably being hypercritical but I will watch this.

Thanks for the info.


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If you put a slight amount of thumb pressure on the top right side of the blade while it's in the closed position and use your index finger on the flipper and at the same time flick the flipper and relase the thumb pressure you will be able to open the blade as fast as an auto and "Not" have to move your wrist at all. Takes some practice to get the hang of it but once you do you will be adicted!
I did what you said. Took a little practice but works very nicely. Neat advice. Thanks. This knife is a winner. The more I use it, the more I like it. I'm gonna get all 3!