CRKT Point Guard

Sep 13, 2000
I'm thinking of ordering a Point Guard. I like the lines and the price is right. Just gave my M16-04 to a friend going back to Bosnia. Has anyone put one of these to the test??
I have a small CRKT Point Guard which I am quite pleased with. Along with many forumites, i think the CRKT line offers great value for money. The blade cuts pretty well for AUS6M. The handle shape is comfortable and easy on the hands. When closed, is slim and light to carry which is a nice plus.

To keep things in perspective, I've read one forumite's experience with this knife which opened accidentally but I've had no problems with mine. The lock has survived some sharp knocks on the spine without unlocking. I like it enough that I'm planning on the Crawford-made Point Guard in 154CM & Titanium which goes for $375


Just an old review from me a couple months ago...

CRKT Point Guard

LAWKS: Lake and Walker Knife Safety. This feature is a sliding metal disk connected to a
knob that sticks out from the thumb ramp. When the knife is locked open, you can
activate this new safety mechanism by pushing the knob forward, which slides the metal
disk under the liner, preventing it from accidental unlocks. I was expecting something a
little more complex, but I'm not arguing. This thing makes me feel a lot more secure
about my knife. One of my friends wanted a knife to stab car tires (I don't know why, nor
do I want to know why). I'm going to hook him up with a Point Guard or a
Crawford/Kasper from CRKT with this new LAWKS mechanism, so his precious little digits
don't get smushed and cut when his knife unlocks as he viciously punctures a car tire. At
the moment he is using the Black-T coated Emerson CQC-7B plain edge that I sold to
him. A word of advice however, do not trust this new safety to the point where you will
clamp your knife into a vise with the edge sticking out and repeatedly try to make it fail
until the handle swings down and brings your little fingers onto the edge. If you conduct
unsafe tests and get yourself hurt, then you are an idiot. This knife however is pretty
solid as far as liner locks (with or without safeties) go. It passed spine whack tests in
both activated and inactive LAWKS. Another plus about this knife is that the liner lock is
relatively smooth and not tight and uncomfortable to operate.

Handles: The handles consist of Zytel scales over dual stainless steel liners (420J2?).
They are partially skeletonized, making this knife fairly lightweight compared to other
knives of its size. Rather comfortable shape in my opinion. The spacer appears to be
made of 6061 T6 aluminum. There are notches in the thumb ramp, index finger notch,
and rear of the knife next to the spacers.

Blade: The blade is made from 6A stainless steel and it is pretty ordinary in terms of
blade shape and tip design. The large model, which is what I have, is about 3.5" in length
for the blade. It opens via a thumb disk, which is rather comfortable, just like almost
everything else in the knife. A couple cosmetic blemishes near the tang of the blade, but
nothing serious. You get more than what you pay for with these knives. The knife blade
is held in with a size 10 torx screw. The other screws are all size 6 torx screws.

Pocket Clip: As stated earlier, the pocket clip is held in by size 6 torx screws, just like
Benchmade knives. The clip is also skeletonized, giving it a sleek high tech look. It is
quite long compared to the average pocket clip on a knife of its size, but this makes it
more secure. It is tight, but not extremely tight (hoping to himself that Benchmade hears
his thoughts and mutters "730" in his mind). Perfect amount of tightness for secure
holding on this knife.

Conclusion: A nice using knife. Secure, and probably a good tire popper. Worth every
penny I payed for it and more. This knife will end up being a daily carry until either my
EDI Genesis II arrives or my BM-910 gets returned from Benchmade (I thought it was
perfect with no QC errors at first, but it ends up that there were!). We will see how it
holds up to these other two guys in the future.

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I have the small CRKT Point Guard and I love mine.

Granted I'm no knife nut or expert but I think I can tell quality when I see it.

I think the CRKT is a great deal for the money.

The Point Guard is very light weight to the point that you forget you have it cliped to your pocket. Mine has stayed sharp with only a light touch up with a small traveling stick sharpner.

The lock on mine is very solid. The L.A.W.K.S system gives you that extra peace of mind when using the knife heavy.

The feel of the handles fits my hands perfectly and the best part about the knife is how SMOOOOOOTH it opens.

My wife gets mad at me when I sit and watch TV and open and close the knife time and time again. It's addicting.

Can't go wrong with a Point Guard.

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Bought the small CRKT PG because I love the Mirage I got a long time ago. Not disappointed at all. Perfect user. No blade play and the lock tightens with use. LAWKS are nice too because a strong grip, on many linerlocks, can creek the lock over.

Light, strong, great ergos.

Buy it, use it, love it.

I've got a large one coming in the mail any day now. You guys have me feeling pretty good about my purchase. As an aside, I just ordered a CRKT M-16 carbon fibre. Talk about a sweet little knife too! Thank you CRKT for making quality and affordable knives!

Hey Comrade Chang--nice review. Any plans on a "Point Chang" or "Chang Guard"? Inquiring minds want to know!

I've used my Point Guard and on a scale from 1 to 10 I give it a 9. It's sharp, smoothe opening , and the liner lock works great. The idea of the LAWKS is really cool.
Odd tidbit... after I posted about my CRKT PG, it was time to go home, got a ride with a co-worker, got home, had to open the mail, reach into my pocket and... ARRGHH!!! the point guard WASN'T THERE!!!

I tell you, that's the worst feeling around. Never happened to me before. Thankfully, it was just sitting on the back seat of that car. Got it back this morning. Happy again.

This proves two things:

1) CRKT PG is so light that it's almost unnoticeable ;
2) It's so good I freaked out!

Anyway, life is full of coincidences, ain't it?


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I have three of CRKT's knives, and I can't say enough about the Quality of the product for the price that you pay. My Fav of course is the Crawford KFF but the Point Guard is great too. I think if you get the P.G you will have to hide it from your friends or they will want you to give this one to them too.

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I have to agree with the above opinions of the quality of the Point Guard. I have the small one and the knife is unbelievably smooth opening, with zero blade play. It's very light and makes for an unobtrusive daily cary. And let's not forget how inexpensive it is for this quality.
Comrade Chang,

No offense. But rather than giving your punk friend advice on what knife to get to puncture tires, give him advice on growing up.

Tell that "tough guy" that there are plenty of guys like me just itchin' to beat the absolute you-know-what out of snot-nosed s**ts like him who has the gall to mess with another man's property.

I think we should have laws like Singapore where they beat the crap out of these kids. I got no patience or sympathy for young offenders.

I'm sorry, Comrade Chang but if you encourage this assh--e to go around vandalising cars by recommending knives, you are a moral accessory to his crimes. In addition, you are not helping the "knife cause" and will just add more fuel to helping the law impose knife restrictions.

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Ummm, guys, Chang's intention was to emphasize the strength of the lock. I don't think you should take this one comment to far out of context. Perhaps the comment about his friend puncturing tires was over the top and ill-considered, and I really do hope its not true, but I know Chang means well. I'm pretty sure he was just trying to give an example of a knife use that may severely test the strength of a folders lock. And maybe interject a little humor into his post. He is not trying to hurt anyone.

What about you?


guys, starting another post about this in general is unfair and seems like a personal attack to me. I going to ask that that thread be closed.
Hey! I'm just asking about a knife. Not starting peeing contest. (Although I do believe in personal property protection) I think Chang was just trying to give me an example of lock strength.
No, I mean old tires.
He is a very respectable engineering (I think it is engineering) student and I know he doesn't pop other people's tires. Thanks for the concern though, next time before making a seperate post in general blade discussion, I request that you e-mail me about it. Take care.

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I am favorably impressed with the PG, very well designed. Opens super smooth and is lightwieght. An important aspect of the knife is that it can be used closed very effectively. To illustrate: I had to take a gentleman to jail who (suprise) did not wish to go. He held on to a rail and would not let go. The room had other people and pepper spray would not have been a great idea (contamination in a confined area is not a good thing) The use of traditional pain compliance techniques was possible however as I was much larger than the gentleman and he was displaying passive resistance an overt act (which could be mistaken for brutality) may have resulted an improper public image being portrayed. I used the closed PG as a kubotan, using discrete pressure on the radial nerve, instant results,low profile.
I've got the photos edited for a review of the PG (compared to an Endura) and it will be posted shortly.
Be safe (or lucky)

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Sorry about any misunderstanding about the tire-stabbing friend Chang.

Your wording was a bit ambiguous so I thought the worst.

At no time was I accusing you of participating with your friend's endeavors. I was trying to make sure you don't get into any trouble with the law. Just looking out for you!

Take Care.

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I have 2 CRKT knives, an M16-03Z and a small KFF and I love them both. My girlfriend loved the KFF so much I bought her one at a gun show yesterday. The large Point Guard is the next CRKT on my list to buy. Great knife IMO. They are all very smooth and solid, and the PG has a very comfortable handle. I would recommend it. Let us know what you get and how you like it.

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