Current Models, pics and info

I didn't realize I had such a talented knife maker right in my own backyard. Can you give a ball park price range on your knives? I'd love to buy something from you if I can afford it, and maybe buy you a beer at Dragonmead when I come and pick it up. Keep up the good work.
Here is three more newer models. The one with the large finger choil is not named at the moment so if anyone has any ideas let me know. the slender one is my Bird & Trout model and the larger one also lacks a name.


I'll add specs when I get all of the names down for these:D

I had an idea for a 6" Forum knife as I wanted it to have slightly more chopping power. The larger one pictured here is the result, better than I had originally envisioned!!
Nick how about calling it TALON? :D
The "large finger choiled one" is my absolute favorite! Thats the 3rd one that Nick did for me, will think about a coupla names for it when I call Nick :)
Haven't heard from you in a while man. I think Talon is a fantastic name for that knife.

Thanks dude,Talon it is.

Hey Nick, if you have the time, could you take a picture of all/most of your current models lined up together?

Any chance of hosting your pictures on bladeforums so I can see them at work? Not that I get to look at BF much at work anymore but they block all the pictures that aren't hosted in BF itself.

Even less time these days to look at BF at home. :grumpy:
Is there any chance that you might be able to post a different picture of the
Bird and Trout knife?

It's done Dave:thumbup: Take a look back at the first page.

I forgot to post the 4" Scout Model. So here is the Orig. one I made.


In this pic it has Black&Green Linnen Micarta.

3/16" thick O-1 differently Ht'd to 60 RC at the edge
9" OAL
4" edge length
I can make that one for $185.00 shipped to US and Canada.

Well im impressed. With that being said, whats available and how much?
Where do i sign? Who do i have to kill? Someone guide me here. another hole in my head, must be time for a new knife....
Hey Niko, take a look at
This is my new and very much under construction website. Take a look at the B&T in there.

Hey cool you got a website up Nick :thumbup: Man that Sierra Scout on there with the iron wood is amazing :eek:
Nick! The site is great! :thumbup::thumbup: Very nice being able to see all the models in one place with the same spec format.

I know it's still under construction and you might already know this, but just in case, the knife pics seem to be compressed horizontally. When I view the image alone it's fine, so something in the formatting of the page is scaling the image weirdly. Might be just my work computer though, does anyone else see the same thing?

And yes, that desert ironwood scout is stunning. :thumbup: