Current Models, pics and info

Looking forward to see again more from you, man!

It´s really quiet here at the moment! ;)
I had an idea for a 6" Forum knife as I wanted it to have slightly more chopping power. The larger one pictured here is the result, better than I had originally envisioned!!
Nick how about calling it TALON? :D
The "large finger choiled one" is my absolute favorite! Thats the 3rd one that Nick did for me, will think about a coupla names for it when I call Nick :)

That Talon is one sweet knife.... I think I like it over the Sierra Scout. Time to start saving up some money!
I just saw one of the Nwa Knives in the WSS forum. How and when can I purchase one?
Just some updated contact info for Nick:

Hey Guys,

Nick is one of my buddies and we just live across town from each other. He is still alive, kicking and making some of the best knives you have ever seen. Like me, he just rarely visits the forums anymore. If you want to contact him, e-mail is the best way to get him.

nwahome15 at yahoo dot com