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Custom fixed blades for trade

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May 22, 2005
I find myself folder poor but having far to many fixed blades.

I have a Phil Wilson hunting Knife in 10V with Desert Ironwood Handle
I have a Gene Ingram Knife SLKII in S30V with black micarta and mosaic pins traded
I have a Razorback hunting knife in D2 with buffalo horn handle sold, another forum
I have a Axin knife (Cutter Delight) in M2 with micarta handle.
I have a Cold Steel Recon tanto
I have a Gerber Parabellum

All are as they came from the maker. The Axinn knife is not up to the standards of these other makers. The handle was not ground symetrical and the edge grind was a little off. At the moment I don't have the capability of even taking a picture of these knives.

I'm hoping someone out there has a nice custom that one or two of these knives could be offered in trade because I'm not wanting to put any money out at the moment.

I'm looking for the following:

Hinderer XM-18 3.5" drop point with thumb stud and flipper
Hinderer Gen II Flame with thumb stud and flipper
Tighe (Holy My Tighe)
Tighe (My Tighe)
Lightfoot H-XT Extreme hunter
Obenauf Large #1
Darrel Ralph Gun Hammer EDC non assisted opening
Darrel Ralph Vanguard Flipper EDC
John W Smith (Depend on the model)

Possibly others I've not thought about.
I will also add a like new Cold Steel Recon Tanto to my list of trade items.

I have one used Cold Steel Master Hunter

I have a Gerber Parabellum available also. This one is like new as well.

Guys I would also consider trades for new Queen, Moore Maker, and Schatt Morgan in 1095, BG42,
and ATS34
I would lke a pic a of Mr Wilson's knife. If it fits my wants we can make a trade or $$$ work.

Rick Melear (same on BF)

I would also trade for Production SlipJoints.

Particularly bone or stag from Queen, Mooremaker, and Schatt Morgan
I enjoy knives and just finally figured out collecting nice Production Slip joints
were more affordable than going custom. Not knocking custom, I have several!
Send me an email, I am interested in the Phil Wilson knife if it is still available.

You have email disabled on this board.
One more bump to let you know that I am still interested in the Phil Wilson.

Email me at: fost8498(AT)bellsouth(DOT)net

I have some knives for trade.