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Custom GSO Handles - WIP thread

Jan 4, 2016
I have a summer project lined up - to put custom scales on my own personal GSOs (and some other knives). I brought home a piece of some exceptionally curly Koa from Hawaii, dried it and had it stabilized. I cut up the blocks and am going to make a series of handles over the next few (many?) months. Eventually all my personal knives will be shod in scales from one piece of wood. I will post WIP photos as I go. Comments and questions are welcome.

Let me also state for the record - this is not a solicitation for work. I have been warned about that before and I will respect forum rules. Thanks.

Starting with my 2.7...

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^^^Thanks, Psy.

those will look great... will yer new scales be permanent or removable?

Removable. I reuse the stock fasteners and made a stepped drill bit to bore the holes. The scales are dimensionally equivalent to the S!K scales to fit the original sheath. I've made dozens like this and they always fit.
I start by roughing them to shape and contouring. I use the knife tang as a drilling template and to trace the profile, then contour to the same shape as the stock scales. When they are all sanded to shape I counter-bore the holes and fine tune to fit the sheath. These have been one and off the knife no less than 10 times.



Then with the first coat of oil...
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The grain sure popped with the oil on it! Going to be fun watching this one :thumbsup:
Awesome, so nice. Looking at the pics, you almost completely forget there's a knife on the other end! :D
Nice! You move quick. I was expecting these gorgeous handles to take shape over weeks not days. Can't wait to see the rest of the set :thumbsup:
BEAUTIFUL handles!!
I saw some work of your custom folding handles out of a necker, I would love for you to do that to mine! Can you email me to talk about doing that to my necker??
Email is Xtreme99LS1@gmail.com
Thanks, N NXPRSS - Sorry, but I'm not doing the folder handles any more. I no longer have access to the machine shop that did the machining on the pivot bolts. Those are now a "limited edition".