Custom GSO Handles - WIP thread

^^^He stonewashed it, then I had him etch it. Just looking for a little different finish. It is a bit darker than the previous stone wash.
Very cool. I've held back from modifying the blades much since I didn't want different finishes, but that came out great.
Just a quick post so you guys can see the direction this project is going.... By the way, this regrind from @Daniel Fairly Knives is the bomb. He is a fantastic guy and I'm honored to have been able to work with him on a collaboration in the past, and he did this one for me as a huge favor. I asked for a dark etch and showed him a picture of a 7/7. I am blown away by the results. I especially like the way he swept the plunge line on a gentle radius instead of a straight plunge with a sharp inside corner. Also, where the bevel intersects the primary bevel is a perfect match to the original curve. He nailed this!



The handles are only rough shaped and consequently don't look like much. There is some premium grade Koa going on there. Also, carbon fiber liners. Wait... WHAT?

WOW! This is a really special little project. The shape and style of the swedge really is nice. The carbon fiber looks outstanding. Can you please put off eating and sleeping until the handles are fully finished because I can't wait to see the finished project!

What are your plans for the knife once it's complete?
Silver Needle Silver Needle I really haven't thought about specific plans once it's finished. For now, I am hoping it turns out in execution how I imagine it in my mind.
^^^yes, they are! This could be my all time favorite project. Still no decent pictures yet.
^^^yes, they are! This could be my all time favorite project. Still no decent pictures yet.
I'm really glad you're so happy with your final product. For and artist and craftsman such as yourself to be satisfied says a lot about the quality of these handles. I'll be anxiously waiting for some more pics :thumbsup:
The only problem I see with that 4.1 is that it's not mine ;) :D Great blade there TR.
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