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Custom P60 Carbon Fiber Lights

Discussion in 'For Sale: Gadgets & Gear (Individual)' started by bRIBEGuy, May 1, 2019.

  1. bRIBEGuy

    bRIBEGuy Gold Member Gold Member

    May 31, 2014
    Up for sale are two P60 based lights that I had built up some time ago. They've been sitting in a display case unused, and now it's time to move them on.

    1. 18650 Thrower
    This light is based around a Delghi CF 18650 body with a Z41 McClicky tailcap, a Cryos Illumination Smoothy Bezel, and a crenulated SS Bezel ring. The P60 drop in is a custom copper unit from Vihn (SkyLumen), featuring a XPE2 6500k dedomed LED driven at 3amps (2.5-6v). L-M-H. The lens is an Ahorton Aspheric.

    2. 18650x2
    This light is based around a Delghi CF 18650x2 body, of which only 2 or 3 were ever made. It has a Cryos Illumination M2 Cooling Bezel, M2 SS Bezel Ring, and Standoff slim tailcap c/w McClicky and GITD boot. The P60 drop in is a custom unit from Vihn (SkyLumen), featuring a huge MT-G2 5000k LED driven at 3.8amps (6-8.4v). It has 4 modes: 5ma moonlight-2%-25%-100%.

    These two lights represent $700+ or so in parts. Asking $400usd for both lights.


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