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Custom Warhorse Satin cheap!


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Nov 5, 2015
1. Got a Alphahunter Warhorse. This knife had a very bad experience with the blade. The blade was ruined by one of the previous owners but Sean (RecalcitrantAmerican) reprofiled the blade to a much better edge. He also orange peeled pretty much all over, carbidized the lock, and made the action incredible. Blade however is slightly off center but absolutely no blade play. (Probably can be tuned just never tried). This is the full custom and comes with a nice pouch; since it HAD some issues I will let her go for a low price of $625 shipped.

No Trades please

C0351175-9FA4-49BD-ADC9-2D753194C7DF.jpeg A5071430-4924-4271-9641-B23E9D4C9B96.jpeg 105E849F-502D-4A7E-A5C6-18C1C68CC62F.jpeg B77B9C98-1615-4301-ACBE-B35D7EBE9BD2.jpeg 5A958BCC-73D7-41CE-A9BD-BE231F56E4A7.jpeg