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Damascus integral hunter

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Feb 11, 2014
Hello, I want to offer for sale this knife that I made:
Blade is forger from cca 250 layers of 1.2842 and 1.2767 steels , hardened to 60 Hrc.
Handle is made from reindeer and walnut crotch with brass fitting for lanyard. sheath is with python skin inlay.
Dimensions: Blade lenght: 4.5"
blade thickness: 0.128"
handle lenght: 5.3"
total lenght: 9.8"
Price including sheath and shipping: Sold
payment to paypal.
Thanks for your attention and have a nice day48046864_1505730702904935_8792251487494340608_n.jpg 48355163_1505730689571603_4927166278445039616_n.jpg DSCN0305.JPG DSCN0306.JPG DSCN0308.JPG :)
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