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Damascus puukko in stabilised ALder burl SOLD

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Feb 11, 2014
Hello, I want to offer to you this knife:
Blade is forged from 200 layers of 1.2842 and 1.2767 , hardened to 60 Hrc.
dimensions: overall lenght: 8.66"
blade lenght: 3.72"
blade thickness: 0.118"
Handle is made from stabilised Alder burl,reindeer and ebony.
Sheath is froma same piece of stabilised burl as used on handle
Price included shipping: Sold
payment on paypal
Thanks for watching :)
Max48052519_1505738102904195_9150790362317455360_n.jpg 48059319_1505738202904185_2150403581516185600_n.jpg 48266663_1505738466237492_1194525074686738432_n.jpg
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Knife is sold, Thanks to all who liked this knife and specially to Tazz-ab , Hope that you will like the knife :)
The craftsmanship and detail are amazing !! I cant wait to actually have it in hand.