Darrel Ralph Madd Maxx, Hinderer Custom XM-18 Fatty, Curtiss Large F3, Les Voorhies Dagger Flipper

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Apr 9, 2016
If you have any questions about what's listed, just let me know and I'll do my best to help you out. For more details, specs, or pictures, ask and ye shall receive. You can reach me through private message or through my email: kenleung1995 at hotmail dot com. I also check my threads fairly often so I'll see your posts. I can work with you on the price for some of these and I'm open to trades. Prices include all shipping and PayPal fees in the US. I'll be happy to ship international but the buyer will need to assume all risks and help cover the cost of shipping. Thanks for your time.

For trades, I'm looking for an: Jon Grahams, Yunas, Marlowes, Direwares, GTCs, TuffKnives, Sharknivcos, R J Martins, Rocksteads, Dalibors, Broadwells, Black Snow Customs, Phantom Steelworks, Kirby Lamberts, Jim Burkes, Ochs, Blackwoods, VanderMeulens, Jason Clarks, Rassentis, Demkos, some Shirogorovs, Grimsmos, Brown Knives Servo, Jason Guthries, MSC Non-Locking PT, Marfione MSG-3, DOC, ZT 0454, and maybe a custom Emerson or Striders in general but if you have other offers, I'm happy to hear them. Cash can be added either way.

1. Darrel Ralph DDR/RPB 4" Madd Maxx - like new - $2500
Full dress 4" version of the discontinued Madd Maxx
Just returned back from spa so it's been tuned, refinished, and sharpened by the maker
Stainless damascus blade with a nice fuller
Stainless damascus front side and lock side with scalloping on the inside edges
The front has a presentation grade white mother of pearl overlay that also has a presentation grade brown-lip mother of pearl inlaid into it
The entire overlay has been contoured and scalloped, it shimmers in the light and the color changes with the angle so my camera can't do it justice
Rich bronze anodized hardware, standoffs, and deep carry clip
Fit and finish is perfect
Centering is dead on and lockup is tight





2. Rick Hinderer Custom XM-18 3.5 Fatty Slicer - brand new in box with extras - $2000
Two-tone satin blade with blasted edges around the flipper
Thick Fatty blade stock but the deep hollow Slicer grind makes it thin behind the edge
Textured full ti front side
Tumbled bronzed ti handle with hints of purple
Steel Flame Spartan filler tab
Perfect fit and finish
Dead mint
Comes with a matching liner and a polished frag pattern carbon fiber scale
Flips great and the thumbstuds work perfectly
Centering is spot on, locks up with no play at all, and the action is smooth




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Apr 9, 2016
3. Curtiss Knives Large F3 - near mint - $625 --> Traded
This one is an early F3 so it's more of a handmade custom than the current ones
There is no finger choil on the blade, there's a small thumb-ramp on the blade, and the jimping is cut differently
2-tone M390 blade with a reflective stonewash on the flats and a working finish on the grinds
Tumbled ti frame
Because there's no forward finger choil, the edge gets closer the back of the frame where the sharpening choil starts
Looks to be centered but might be a hair off to the front side
Lockup is secure and won't fail on you but there is a slight bit of lockslip if the knife is lightly opened, with a good flip it's solid
If you lightly open it, you can push the lockbar over another 5% or just any pressure on the lockbar makes the slip go away
Action hasn't changed too much over the years, runs glass smooth on his SPOT pivot, fires open, and drops shut




4. Les Voorhies Dagger Flipper - very good condition - $400 --> Traded
Full custom from Les
Well designed IKBS flipper with a double-edged dagger blade
You can't cut yourself on it when closed, the part of the top edge that looks exposed is dulled
Working finish blade and frame
Carbon fiber backspacer
Has been used so it shows some wear
Action is very smooth and the detent is tuned to make it a snappy flipper
You have to try pretty hard to get it to not open all the way
The lockside is drilled for a clip but I didn't get one with it
Locks with no play in any direction
Centering favors the front side but won't rub unless the pivot is loose



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May 29, 2004
I'm taking the Voorhies dagger per our pm :D Posting so I can leave feedback :)

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