Deals for 1/12 -- Pix and awesome buys

Dec 28, 2003
Krull said:
Oddly enough even though I want a 30' sirupate,this one didn't "grab" me like the 25' Chitlang last week did.....strange! anyway I hope whoever nabbed it has fun! :D just watch your swing...that could de-limb a person! :eek:

It's the lack of fullers IMO. The chits just look sexier. The sirus also run heavier because of that, but are extremely strong. I was lucky enough to grab this one quickly. I'm anxious to see if I can get that Neem burl to really glow, as it is some of the prettiest I have seen.

I have a nice Kumar Satisal 30" siru that this will be replacing, giving some variety to the lineup. :thumbup: Although a 30" kobra is also by Sher. Can't afford to keep both, but this handle was to pretty to pass up.

(Come to think of it, all the 25" ers in the collection are by Kumar and the 30's by Sher...)

I do have an early 26" Sanu Kobra with badly chipped handle and loose buttcap from Rusty's collection, that I will be repairing, sharpening and etching, but will be giving that away as a present once it is done.



Oct 19, 2005
You're right Norm. That Neem really looks good. And at 47 ounces. What a scary piece of steel. I'd hate to try to date your daughter. Sheez...
Aug 16, 2005
IMHO, it's a phase thing... When I started, Chitlangis were everything in the way of long khukuris. No Sirupate compared. For me, after a while (and a chitlangi or three), and having the Sirupate just be something I didn't have, it was easier to see just how special that one was.

And, anything (Sirupate-wise) I think of buying from now on now has to equal or better that one...which makes things kind of rough.