Deals for 1/5 -- Pix, Chitlangi, Villager Karda and more great buys


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Apr 5, 2005
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25 inch 44 ounce Chainpuri by Sher With all usual Sher features. Montana elk antler handle. For warm home at $195 delivered. *SOLD*

15.5 inch 27 ounce chiruwa Ang Khola by Sgt. Khadka. Walnut wood. Very good work by Sgt. Yours for $115 delivered. *SOLD*

12 7/8'' 15 ounce Pen Knife by Bura. Beautiful rakthachandan wood handle. Usual fine work by master Kami. $90 delivered. *SOLD*

10.5 inch 12 ounce baby BDC by Bura. Chandan wood handle. All fittings are white metal. Superb rig. Great buy at $85 YBB. *SOLD*

12 1/8 inch 15 ounce villager Kumar Karda by Sher. Sisau wood handle. Field sharp. $65 YBB. *SOLD*

7.5 inch 3 ounce plain blade Rusty SD by Yuvraj Kami. Chandan wood handle.
Yours for $50 YBB. *SOLD*

Email to get any or all
WOW!!!!! super nice pieces offered today :eek:
congrats to all who manage to snag one, a few or ALL!!! lol

that khadka is a special one... somebody jump on that double blessed beauty :rolleyes: ;) :cool:
Nice Chitlangi - but the handle looks more like a chainpure. Maybe the buttcap is not visible in these pics.
OK, I told myself, no more pen knives. But I don't have one in chandan, and the handle on this one is longer than most, so Email sent.

Oh and I need the chandan SD as well. Email sent.

I just received a 25" Sher chitlangi from Yangdu yesterday. Sher does great work on these larger blades.:thumbup: I really like all these elk pieces that just came in.
That Chitlangi has strong, distinct lines. Good rendition.
My own here at the munk compound is kind of blurry, the design not well defined and polished down too much to its detriment.

Good bye Sgt. CAK
Yeah, the blade on this chitlangi is gorgeous.

If someone doesn't get it, I may break.

Yangdu e-mailed me with the "done deal" with the caveat about the sharp blade:eek: :) :thumbup:

So far, I've been fortunate & in my experience, dull blades are much less trustworthy than sharp ones;)
Good bye Sgt. CAK

i think she's glad to see it gone? lots of khadka this week ;)

that's some interesting stuff today. a very oblong and tear drop shape on that pen. sweet. the chit has a pretty distinct and unusual handle as has been pointed out. much habaki bolstering all around. many fine winners.

the chit. wow. i have a 22 inch
that's just dandy, and i between HI and other sources, there's 5 new HI blades in the fold - yow - look for a sale soon - spring cleaning. *I* have my limits. my closet does too :>

soon: the beast: 3 lbs 2.4 oz :) taking pix ;)

The Khadkas are pretty sharp. I think they are the only ones of mine that have cut marks in the sides of the scabbard mouth from re-insertion.