Deals for 1/5 -- Pix, Chitlangi, Villager Karda and more great buys

i went for the 454 cuz it's triple calibre. Casulls for the local animals, long colt for the aliens/zombies/nazi's, empty chambers for encouraging french invaders to reach for their sidearms...or is the flag the primary weapon?
I load my own and would probably just use one case size- the 454 so I could avoid the powder build up at the chamber throats.

The Casul is a reasonable round. You don't have to load it to the gills, and most commercial cartridges are less extreme than early on in it's career.
And you can have the Casul in a handgun size that is carryable. And it penetrates just about as good as one would need.
I'm less thrilled by the 500 and new 45 Smith- whatever its called. That size of handgun is over the line in practicality. I admit if a Brown bear was on me, I'd prefer it over the 38 special, but the truth is I'd prefer a 416 Rigby over that. I don't remember how much the thing weighs, but you might as well carry a rifle.

Getting back to khuks- I love HI khuks as much as my prized revolvers, and that's as much compliment I can give to any non-revolver item.

Wish I had the bread, I would have gone for that Chit. I have the first 25" chit made, but have never seen one with a chainpuri handle. That is the most comfortable handle you can get on a knife IMO. Very pretty. Lot's of antler lately!