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Deckel Pantograph for Sale

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Dec 10, 1998
I bought this with the intention of using it and haven't gotten around to it. I also don't have the time to learn a new machine.

This is a Deckel GK12 3-D Pantograph, made in Munich Germany. Top of the line machine. This machine was owned by an engraver in Providence, Ri. who took excellent care of his machines. There is some superfical rust but that's it. This machine has 3-D capabilities and can do length, width and height.

I have some tooling including the spanner wrenches, stylus's for tracing parts, a 1/4in collet and a tooling manual. Additional collets can be bought on ebay.

The power is 110v so you can plug it in anywhere.

You can also lock the tracing arm in place and use this machine as a milling machine.

Approx weight is 1200lbs? It is on a pallet so moving it won't be too hard if you have a pallet jack.

If you would like this item shipped you will be responsible for any shipping arrangements. Otherwise it is a pick up only item.

Price is $600
Thanks for looking.