Defense-Utility? Show of Hands

The only person I've ever cut is myself, several times.

100% utility uses for me and my knives. I'm inclined to consider preparedness a "use", though, if you leave it up to me.

David Rock

Stop when you get to bone.
I carry a pocket knife (Umfaan or VBM-UDT) daily for utility chores.
I have a couple of larger knives in my car that could serve as self-defense and/or survival.
The only pure self defense knife is the Boker/Neely Specialist that I keep clipped in full view on the dash of my motorcycle.
I've never pulled it on anybody, but there have been a few situations that I actually took the knife and sheath and kept them very near to my person.
I figure that if I ever have to use a knife for self defense, the attacker will not know it until it's too late.
Besides, knives are useless at gun fights.
On a normal day and in a self defense situation with a knife, I likely would have only the Umfaan or UDT on my person. Both are better than biting the attacker

I keep knives mainly as collection
pieces (the architecture of the
modern folder is a very fascinating
thing to my eyes and hands), and the few and far between cutlery pieces I
carry on my person are used almost
exclusively in utility situations,
but I have had to use an edged weapon defensively twice in the past. I am
only 17, but I am a VERY level headed and intelligent person: As to say
both of the instances I had to draw
blood were completely justified.
Both occurred in well lit areas (I am NOT simply asking for it;-) and both
resulted in arrest of the OTHER
party. That is all I have to say, I
just thought I would throw in my two
cents. Thanks for listening.


Robert Joseph Ansbro
I laughed out loud when I read David Rock's post. Perfect.

To date (and hope to continue):
Utility = 95%
Defense = 0%
Accidental "friendy fire" = 5%

Well, I'll have to work on reducing that 5%.
I usually carry 1 knife for utility and 1 for defense. Never had to use the knife carried for defense and hope I never do. Although I have held it tight a few times.
Carry it for defense, as a back up or alternate choice to a pistol. Only used for utility and hopefully, if I'm smart, that is all it will ever be used for.
Weapons are like insurance; you'll probably never need them in your lifetime, but that one time you do, you'll be glad you had them available.

"May you live in interesting times"

AKTI - A000389
First I can appreciate Ketrel's and TreeyR's posts. I have drawn blood (other than my own)seven times with a blade,Twice with a camera(expensive defense)and twice with objects of opportunity. All of these times as a stranger in a strange land. Where I could not carry a firearm or did not wish exrta attention. The main use of any knife is utitlity. I am not impressed with the "tactical" label, it is a marketing tool that was originally used for a certain style of knives and is now old hat. I have several good primary fighting knives. They generally stay in the vault. I have many more utility knives that go with me on whim everywhere I go.



"Cet animal est tres mechant;quand on l'attaque il se defend."("This animal is very mischievous: when it is attacked it defends itself")
I know what Mr. Bloch is getting at (see the "Tactical Knives" thread) but asking how much folks have used their knives for defense is not a fair way to judge. As has been said, just because a gun has only been used for target shooting doesn't mean it's not primarily a defensive instrument. I'm pretty scared by anyone who's cut more people than boxes!

My primary carry is always something over 3.5" with a blade-hole. It's there to amuse me and make me feel secure. My Wave does all the "real work." The big folder only comes out for play, practice, and (none so far, thank goodness) emergencies. An emergency might be a defensive situation or it might be a wilderness situation - it's something that the Leatherman can't do well and I don't have a fixed-blade handy for (which would be better, of course). Point is that the day may never come when I'm truly glad I have it, but if that's so, all the better. One thing I won't use this knife for are the day-to-day tasks that would make it less capable of serving in time of need.

Am I being paranoid carrying a knife for "emergencies?" Maybe, but we have enough people in the world who are compleetly unprepared for such things, so even an ounce of preparedness on my part is a step in the right direction. Besides, it's not doing anyone any harm that I carry it, and I enjoy it a lot. Even though I don't use it for day-to-day chores, I do keep in practice with it, and there is a measure of comfort from knowing that it can be in my hand with little more than a thought. When something in the world puts me in "condition yellow," my hand instinctively brushes past the clip, and the knowledge that I'm not completely defenseless lets me evaluate a situation with greater calm and rationality. I think that my chances of panicking and getting myself or someone else hurt would actually be greater without that knowledge.

I don't agree with widely marketing knives based on defensive use or "killer" potential because of all the trouble this has caused the handgun industry. But we should also remember that something is better than nothing, if you have the clarity of mind to use it properly and appropriately. There is a local self-defense instructor who advocates the carry of a large, stiff hat-pin. Same point - it's better than your fingernails for making someone let go, so you can beat feet.

-Drew Gleason
Little Bear Knives
I carry my knives(multiple cause i inevitably forget, lend, drop, or dull one or more of them) strictly for utility, but if i was ever unfortunate to be in a dangerous situation, i would use anything available to preserve the lives of myself and my companions, wheter its a pocket knife, a rock, a toothbrush-whatever is at hand at the time.
i do cut myself on a regular basis, so my tally is probabally
utility: 99.5%
defense: 00%
self inflicted 00.5%
100% utility.

And when I cut myself, it is usually with a screwdriver.

100% utility

Never used a knife in a tactical/defensive situation. Most people would probably laugh at my Spydie Dragonfly (kept in my right pocket) anyway.

The Colt Pony in the left pocket is for defensive situations. Have never been in a situation where I had to use it. We old balding engineer types try to stay out of sticky situations whenever possible.
I cary a CS Desperado 24-7. I use it all the time for utility purposes. I have had to draw my knife only once in my short lifetime, and thank the gods it's presence was enough to end the confrontation. If I had forgotten my knife, the fight would have definately gone hand to hand, my Desperado saved that thug a long stay in the hospital:)

It is better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.


Louis Buccellato

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I generally carry at least two knives. One is a utility knife that gets used on a regular basis. The other is the knife I carry for defensive purposes. I cuts nothing. I keep it as sharp as possible. Fortunately I have not had occasion to use it. And, I pray I never do.

I carry a small folder for everyday stuff, envelopes, boxes, etc, etc.

I also carry one of the following; one of my Ascents, 840 or 845 (never a failed lock up), a CS XL Gunsite, or a BM 710.

These biger knives are carried to stop someone from doing bodly harm to me in the event I could not get away from them quickly.

I have not been in a fight since I was about 13, and I'm to old to get in one now. My knife would only come out as a last resort, but if it came out, it would come out with vengeance.


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Mostly utility use but there was once where this young punk about 16+ pull out a swiss army knive and tried to extort me in a public toilet. Unfortunately for him, i was carring my gerber A-F folder with 4.5" blade (i usually carry my Spydy delica) and was asking him which part he wanted to donate to the hospital. He fleed for his life and no blood was drawn. Does this count?
To Corduroy:

For the record, it seems you are reading beyond why I posted this topic and making assumptions as to my reasons for doing so. You say you know what I'm getting at and the way I posted the question is not fair. In response, please take this thread for what it is and nothing more.

I was curious how many of us have actually cut an adversary in self defense compared to how much we use knives for utility. I have enjoyed reading the responses and feel this has been an interesting thread.

I personally do and fully advocate carrying a knife for self defense. There have been a number of responses from members who carry a knife for defense, have never used a knife for such and never want to. At the same time they enjoy the security offered by carrying a sharp edged weapon. In summary from the responses so far we seem to use knives over 99.5% for utility and less than 0.5% for defense.

BWM has had the most altercations from all the posts and he prefers to carry a utility blade over a fighting knife. Why because it's more practical for using. As well I have no doubt of BMW's skills with that utility blade when the chips are down.

Some of us prefer aggressive looking defense style knives while others like more utilitarian designs. The bottom line is all sharp knives are deadly and can be used to kill or injure. Therefore it matters very little what style of knife or design you carry. The bottom line is buy what you like and carry what you like. Just keep in mind the knife's applications and limitations for everyday use.

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I usually carry a Gerber Microlight LST and Leatherman supertool when I go to work and sometimes the gerber around the house. I use it for utility/recreational (click, click, click) like when I am bored or watching a movie or something. I carry those blades to work for utility because I do a lot of cutting boxes and stuff. Sometimes, I ride my bike or walk 2 miles through the woods on trails to get to work. I carry a large folding knife just in case something happenes on the trail. I have seen foxes and odd prints on the trail, so it helps to have a large, easy opening knife handy just in case. I can't carry the fix blade cuz I wouldn't have any place to put it at work. I wouldn't want to be caught with my KA Bar or butterfly in my bag. Other than that, the only person I have drawn blood from is myself when I get cut. I have a Genesis, which I should get today, that will be my everyday carry for utility and defense if I need it in a pinch. But no, I have never cut anyone else and hopefully I won't have to.