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Spyderco Delica 4 hap 40 red g10

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May 24, 2010
292A37D2-185D-45B7-A324-679CF56FB1B5.jpeg DA7D7F44-83E2-4BD6-8472-47296EE15FDE.jpeg 41E2ED2E-3482-4DA1-9815-DF9F86CBBAA1.jpeg B1168711-6C24-465A-9FFF-05D570C8BA0B.jpeg 85BE648E-7A77-4727-BD01-D1200DEC27CC.jpeg 101353C0-BE85-43D1-9308-38D11E936485.jpeg 68D548B3-250E-41C1-9B82-924A69B3E735.jpeg 20A40B28-AD12-4FE4-8C9B-A51F02B097BD.jpeg St Nicks Knives exclusive Delica 4 with hap 40 steel and red g10. This has been used and carried for a couple weeks. The lock up is solid and the edge has only been touched up with a strop and is still very sharp. The blade favors the clip side ever so slightly when closed. The clip shows some wear. There are two nicks on the g10 from when I dropped it once and one of the clip screws was stripped when I tried to swap the clip. Other than that this would make a great user for someone who wants a far better steel and handle material than what the regular Delica offers. I’m asking $110 shipped and insured in the CONUS only. Thanks.
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