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Demko (3V) & Spyderco (Cruwear)

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Jan 4, 2018
Greetings BFs!

Hoping everyone here is having a smooth week. I’m looking to part with 2 excellent and very scarce folders today, each in a very capable and tough alloy. Both have been lightly carried (about 4 days on each), and used very lightly. Factory edges on both are sharp, untouched, and looking excellent. Prices listed are PP G&S, and include USPS priority shipping CONUS. Questions or requests are welcomed via PM or profile post. Only trades considered are Ban Tang fixed blades or a Ti AD20. Thanks for checking this out!..

*Also, please help me not have to repost the PDW Otter and Big Chris reground Liong Mah KUF still available in the link below. For helping me out, I’ll take an additional $25 off each.


Spydie Delica DLT exclusive Cruwear -

Demko AD20 3V - ‘day glow yellow’ G10. Centering looks to favor the clip side, but no rub. The most fidget friendly Demko ever IMO, and solid as a vault. Love this knife! Just picked up a 3rd in another color I wanted more, so I’ll release this one to a good new home.
$OLD (or $OLD F&F)

I’m so appreciative BF! I realize your time is important, and thank you for spending a little of it on this thread. Wishing you a great Thursday, and an even better weekend!

D712076C-41CC-4030-9F37-693A1925986A.jpeg 0D8CC691-EF72-439F-AF59-552E4D7AEDFA.jpeg 3AE78955-C7DC-4F0F-9006-DE02DD14D04F.jpeg 6E1AB094-A1E2-4F84-813E-01788A75612D.jpeg 2F27B53F-16A0-43F9-916E-65A5EBC143C5.jpeg B782C609-211F-49FF-8EB4-21A12AADBFC5.jpeg F6C99AC7-2E43-4F29-983F-DF24EFB5E37A.jpeg FF8A5660-EDE2-4944-8551-709C7487EBEB.jpeg 70D2D63F-1640-4069-A73C-A6D2AFF155AD.jpeg
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