Did I just buy a fake ZT0301

Like was said above, post a couple of pictures and the guys here will be able to tell real quick if it's a fake or not in most, if not all cases.
Yeah, post a picture so we can better see the piece. If it came in a legitimate looking box with paperwork, then it's most likely genuine.


Edit* all right that works. Glad to hear its genuine. Thanks again for your guys' help. Appreciated.
Can't be sure. You should just send it to me for further inspection.:D. Just kidding. Looks legit to me. Congrats.
See them meow, looks good to me! Now go cut something!
Nice score. You have now been infected with the KAI/ZT bug, good luck. There is no ointment.
Thank you. Already got my sights set on a 0561.... And a 0566.... And a 0200...... And another 0350.... Oh my:eek:
It looks right, but the pocket clip is all wrong. It should be tip up left side carry, like us civilized people carry it.

Glad you didn't get had. Luckily EBay is known for being decent for siding with customers in a fake item (that was shown as being real).