Discount knives "good"?........time to recant

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Nov 12, 1998
In the past i had recommended discount knives, it was a new and aggressive company. Since then I tend to think that incompetency is more appropriate. Maybe even lack of basic communication skills. I placed an order for a CS Culloden at a great price. Unfortunately I had it send to an old address which is no longer valid, my fault big time. I do admit when I am wrong and take responsibility for my actions.

Anyway.........The Culloden got sent back, good, and I had e-mailed the company telling them that when it got to them to contact me so I could order another blade or two. Because in the mean time I purchased a Culloden at a show for the same price anyway. So.....Discount knives e-mails me and lets me know he has it. I decide to order a couple of fairly decent frost knives for my wife. PURPLE being the reason of course
Now........allowing for the fact that he might not have these blades in stock I gave him a second option in case. (I had ordered two knives a time back and he didn't have the purple frost back then so i figured that might be the case again), send me a CS shovel and javelin, if either or both the frost's weren't in.

Now the confusion began. He wrote me back asking which order was correct and then I explained ( i had thought at at least) that the CS order was a contingency plan. At that point I thought it was clear. At the last moment I got the itch to buy a CRKT stiff kiss. I e-mailed discount knives again and requested that if the order had not gone out yet to throw in a kiss knife as well. IF WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH EASIER IF HE ANSWERED HIS PHONE TOO.

After all this i received an e-mail telling me he didn't comprehend my requests and that he was refunding back my money. I replied "fine". Game over Off to ABC-direct I go. What idiots over there. I reread my emails over and over trying to see where I had been vague or unclear. I could not see it. Anyway fellow knife-files, it's up to you of course, but ya'll were right about this guy. 10% less isn't worth the headache. Especially since ABC-direct not only answers their phones, but they were very friendly and helpful. thanx ABC.

I thank you folks for tolerating my rant. But I thought ya'll might want to know.

I'm not sure if it's fair to characterize anyone as an idiot or incompetent based on one incident, but I do get the feeling that Discount Knives is perhaps getting to a point where they can't keep up with the demand for their time that they're getting lately. I sent an email weeks ago asking about the availability of a Spyderco Native II, as well as the edge configuration (this was before my question was answered on this forum), and never received a reply. I also attempted to call their toll-free number off and on for a solid week, and never did get an answer; it was either busy, rang endlessly, or was answered by a fax machine or modem.

Such aggressive pricing and the exposure that DK is getting through this forum is bound to generate some heavy demand, and I think that perhaps they should hire some more people to keep existing and potential customers from giving up and going elsewhere.
Gotta say, I think you created your own problem.

Ron Knight

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I have yet to have a problem with Brian. He is a one man show and I'm willing to wait a little longer to save some money. He has always played fair with me and in one case did quite a bit of legwork to get a hard to find knife for me.
Brian has returned several e-mails (all that I have sent) and was timely on locating a Spyderco Military Plain Edge which he did not have in stock (1 week to obtain knife and have on my doorstep). Lately his line has been busy a lot - perhaps his business is growing into more than a 1 man show...

My .02,

Highdlr, your credibility is not the greatest. You were just saying how awesome he was and, now this. What's next? How long until you slam ABC?


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Sorry for your problem with Discount Knives, my experience has been quite the opposite. I send my order thru the secure option, and a few days later a package shows up. I just got a Swisstool from him and never had to do more than fill in the info and hit the submit button. There have been a couple of emails that didn't get a response over the past year, but I've gotten the same treatment from other dealers too. I think that most of the time it's because there is really only one person doing it all, doubt there's any stupidity or evil intentions. If I might add, reading your description of the events left me a bit confused as well, but then, thats me. You might wanna cut the guy some slack before trashing him in this medium.
I think the only thing Brian at Discount Knives is guilty of is being overextended. He is NOT an idiot NOR is he incompetent, I think his business is growing very rapidly and he is trying to run it solo still.

I seem to remember, sometime ago, that you initiated a thread extolling the virtues of free enterprise. I believe that you stated that the only thing that was important to you was the bottom line and that extra service was not worth extra money.

Nothing against Brian at all but, maybe it is clearer now as to where that extra money goes.

Take care,
Derek, I did not "praise" DK, I did become aware of the aggressive lower prices and wondered why DK wasn't a more talked about business. I liked the pricing. I did also talk about free enterprise and capitolism. I try to keep an open mind and not draw a conclusion before investigation. Well.....I investigated and yes your right I did learn, in this particular instance, there are better companies out there that come very close to the same pricing and still maintain a high level of contact and customer service.

I happen to believe that e-mail should be just "another" form of communication. Not IN LUE OF a telephone line.

Hey ......I made a mistake, I was wrong, ya'll were right about DK. Live and learn. A truely stupid man is one who refuses to admit when he was wrong and refuses to learn from it.

I have talked to ALL the other companies such as ABC, Northwest, Knifecenter etc. "ON THE PHONE" at ANY given time and always got through. Got advice and input. DK is the only one who didn't. Don't get me wrong at all fellas. I never got screwed or treated badly. Never was there any illegality to his business. It is just that his Communication and customer service in my case SUCKED BIG TIME. That is all. The last time I checked in retail, communication and customer service makes a big deal when there isn't any to speak of. I can live with a little lacking to take advantage of pricing but come on.

Anyway. keep the input coming. Any and all responses are welcome.

I would like to appoligize ahead of time, too, but, I have tried calling Discount Knives MANY times in the past. On 4 or 5 different occasions over the past year I have never been able to get through ...busy,busy,busy

Got through only one time, probably by accident and left a message, no reply.

What good are their prices if you can't get them to answer their phones for a possible order? Must not want to sell knives bad enough. IF they are that busy, maybe they should get more phone lines or have phone mail. It would be kind of nice also if they would return the calls that are left, too.
I even read a while back on a thread from another poster with this same topic that maybe they are not really busy on the phone with orders, but chit chatting with others because they are bored. Don't know if this is true or not but something is fishy with them from what I have experienced.

I won't waste my time with them ever again under any circumstance. My dialing finger will never be able to take that kind of punishment again!

I'll keep my present knife distributor and ABC-DIRECT as well as buying direct from the makers themselves.

Sorry if I sound like I am in a bad mood today or that I am kind of ticked about this company, but hey, business is business!



Mark, it could be that he has only one phone line and is usually hooked up processing e-mail orders.

Could be that, but again if they are that busy and really want more orders, GET MORE LINES or at least return phone messages when left! Not good business practices!

I'm done now with this subject, just had to vent some.
Thanks for the comment Jim



Well, I have had excellent service with Brian with several orders over the past two years or so. I am placing an order with him soon, will let you know how it came out.

Regarding accessability, don't most of you place your orders using e-mail; further, while it is sometimes necessary to pick up the phone for advice or clarification, isn't it often possible to pose the simple questions in e-mail?

I am not trying to defend Brian, but I have spoken with him, once while he was out walking, on his cell phone, and it seems to me that one way to overwhelm a person is to place orders and/or ask questions in an inefficient manner. The questions I had on the few times I spoke to him were somewhat complex, so I felt the call was justified.

Just my opinion, Walt
OOPS! wrong door.
Seriously now, I e-mailed DK last week, and within 1-2 hrs I got an e-mail back w/ all the answers to my questions.
My $.02,
I have purchased over a dozen knives from Brian and have never had a problem. He's great with email and same on the phone.
Sometimes, he's hard to reach or the line is busy. But hey, so is mine.
Just my $.02, but here it goes.

I have ordered knives from DK on three occasions. The first time was a Stiff KISS. I ordered it on a tuesday night, and it showed up at my door on Friday. I was happy.

The next order was for two knives, a Delica as a gift for my Mom, and an Apache for me. I ordered on a Sunday night, they showed up on Friday, but no Apache, I got sent a Mirage by mistake. I liked the Mirage, asked Brian if he could just send my an Apache for the price of Mirage. Week later had Apache. Gave Mirage to Mom, Delica to sister, Apache to my GF's little brother.

The Last time I ordered knive I placed order on Sun. Jan. 10. expected to see them by the following Fri. No knives. E-mailed DK on Fri. night. No reply. E-mailed again on Mon. Jan. 18, reply next day "I will send them out today" no further explaination. Recieved knives on Sat. Jan. 23. About darn time.

To date I have never been able to reach DK by phone, the toll free number is always either busy, or there is no answer. Does not matter what time of day I call.

I understand that it is a one man show, and that he is probably a busy man, but I would like to have the feeling that I am a little more than a credit card number.

Two out of three ain't bad, but one out of three is.


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I live overseas so a "toll free" number is of no use to me (I still have to pay for an international call.) So when dealing with Brian - I send email with questions and whatever and a reply comes within a day or so. I know its gratifying to be able to speak to a 'real' person - but if you can't get thru on toll free then why not email?

I have noticed his replies becoming more "brief" but at the end of day the "discount" approach might not work for everyone - but it works for me so I'm a happy customer.

The last three e-mails I sent him have gone unanswed, SO I will not try again.
I have ordered from him good prices and fairly quick service. But if you e-mail him in advance to ask questions he will not answer.
Ok for a test everybody that thinks his service is good e-mail and ask a question. I bet you don't get an answer.
Now if you e-mail him after your order you will get a responce. So I know he is looking at his e-mails, just doesn't bother with ones that ask questions BEFORE the sale.
Mybe someone should email Brian so he can come in and answer all your questions. Remember as James always says trial by internet is not the way. I ahve heard many good things about Brians business and I guess he may just be overwhelmed.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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