Do you carry too many knives?

Oct 2, 1998
Not that you can ever have TOO MANY.
Althought I work in an industrial-type plant, I spend most of my time in an office. I was sitting at my desk this afternoon playing with a few of my "toys." I stopped to count the number of knives/tools I had with me at that very moment. Hmmmmm, let's see... I had a Genesis clipped to my right front pocket, Spyderco Goddard Jr. I was flicking open on the desk, a Leopard Cub in my desk drawer, a Micra in my left front pocket, and my SwissTool in a belt sheath.

I don't have any idea what I would do with all of that steel, but it sure was fun having it around - just in case.

How many of you find yourselves vastly "over-knived" when you're out and about? Please tell me I'm not alone.

usually I only have one now that I lost my micra. When I go out to the field I have a BM Mini Reflex for slaying MREs, a Multi plier for fixing/breaking things, and a CS Recon Scout to look cool.
usually I only have one now that I lost my micra. When I go out to the field I have a BM Mini Reflex for slaying MREs, a Multi plier for fixing/breaking things, and a CS Recon Scout to look cool.
My job's like Kelly's. When I was out in the field everyday, I'd carry two knives. Now I only carry a small SAK but in my desk I have a Buck 110, a plain edged Mariner, Victorinox Climber and Adventurer, an Imperial barlow and a paring knife. In my briefcase, I have a Leatherman and an Endura.

No you are not alone. I believe in the "back-up to your back-up theory" or the triple redundent system. So you can imagine the metal I might carry. I have a knife in each pocket right now. I have my Photon light and my Mini-Mag light solitaire. Plus my Timex watch with indiglow. Also a double "AAA" Mag light in my bag. The only thing I don't have a back-up for on myself is my pepper spray. But there is more in my car. So you are not alone Senator. I like to say I carry more knives then the Swiss Army.

This is a good trend, everyone needs more knives! Although I may be a little bias ;^} .

Phillip, the answer is wear bdu pants and get a photographers vest!

More Knives is a good thing.....

Stay Sharp!
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Well, when even its notillegal fo me to carry knives I usually take 2. My BM Stryker and a Spyderco Q. Both great knives.


Too many knives????!!! Still thy tongue, knave!

I always have a minimum of 3...sometimes more: SAK Climber, Junglee Shenzai folder (I've had sufficient abuse from you guys
), and a Cetan tanto.....oops, forgot the lil SAK classic on my keys. And, as I said, sometimes more
One thing I know for sure is: my pants have gone down with increased speed over the past few years. Seems like I like to back my back up. I've woke the wife more times going to bed with the weight of my jeans hitting the floor.
End yes even though my micra nips at me from time to time (fingers go between handles hit scissor tip) I still carry her every day.
Carry to many knives at different times to even go into. The problem only seems to be getting worse.
That's the problem with this forum, buying and carrying more knives just looks normal. Do I carry too many knives? Just depends on my frame of mind, like when I empty my pockets and realize what I've been carrying. Do I really need all of this? Yea, I do.
Kelly I have the same problem. I always have at least 2 but somtimes 3. Lately it has been my EDI Gensis that I'm very impressed with and a BM970. Then when I'm at work it is either my Gensis or BM970 and a Spydie Endura II for the rough stuff. But I work at the airport and have to be careful about what people see. In charlotte they are worse about that than at Pittsburgh.


I have 5 favorites I carry. I change up every few days, except I always carry my MicroTech SOCOM M/A with me at all times.

Right now, I have the SOCOM in my right pocket, Emerson Commander in my Left pocket,
Spyderco Military in my coat.

On my belt I usually carry the Leatherman Wave ... but forgot it this morning because I was in a hury to get to work.

On the weekends I carry my KFF, SOCOM, and either my Commander or Military.

I must mention, though, I put my Benchmade Stryker away for a while now, the liner lock had worked it's way all the way accross the blade tang and it is real difficult now to close. I don't want to pull out another one, because I have them put away in my new & unused collection ... SO, I carry these others more often again.

NO, YOU can never carry too many ... it's all in what you are comfortable carrying and using!


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My default carry is two folders, usually one clipped to the top of the right hand pocket and another IWB left side. Sometimes it's 3 folders, with another clipped IWB right side.

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I usually carry more than two, a BM AFCK and a BM 3500sbt. The AFCK to use while sewing (nice needle like point great for ripping stitches), and for packing and stowing gear
(due to the short sharp blade), the Mel P.
is handy to get in to tight spaces.Also the BM Bali-song out in town. The old lady carries an applegate/fairbaine when I'm on det, and she's not home. Finally an EK
commando under the front seat of the truck.
Had to cut down some.

I carry my Microtech mini SOCOM everyday, clipped to my right pocket, and my cetan in a sheath, horizontal small of back carry. And of course the blue Spyderco Ladybug on my keychain. But soon I will be carrying a purple mini SOCOM! hehe And then after that, my custom from Alan, and then, and then....
do i carry to many knives???

NO !!!!!! <wip out my raven and hold it in a threatning manner at the asker>

i usauly cary a cs ready edge, leatherman micra and a raven/bm970sb.

i used to carry more but not worth the risk at school.

id like to have a left hand afck for a compliment but i dont se it hapening and i still hate blade holes.
It goes up and down like a biorythm or something. One day a little while ago, I woke up with some kind of a buzz, and walked out of the house with six knives. Surprised even me. I was so amused I started a whatcha' got thread that day.

My usual carry is a "nice" thin bladed utility folder - David Boye, A.G. Russell/Horn, M-2 Mini AFCK, Baby Sebenza - in my front pocket, and "The Rat" - Mad Dog Lab Rat #007 - in a belt sheath.

That one day though, I couldn't leave hardly anything at home. It is a sublime madness.

Too many knives. That's a good one

It's funny. Ever since I got into knives, I had to buy bigger pants (1" bigger around the waist) so I could accomodate them.


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