Do you flick?

May 21, 1999
Do you flick your folders open? It's become an obsession for me, it's how I determine whether or not I even like the knife. Is this wrong?

It drives me crazy to watch people open their folders by slowly pushing the thumb stud, disk or hole out and around until the blade finally reaches its destination with a non-obtrusive little "click". If I open my folder, it has to slam open with a load "THWACK!" or else I won't own it.

This may be a psychological problem that I have, or at least most close company thinks so, but I can't sit still without thinking about pulling it out and flicking a few times. In fact, I can't help myself sometimes, I'll secretly pull it out in social situations and flick behind my chair. Maybe flickers anonymous is in my future.

For those beginners out there, here's the flick tip of the day: Learn to flick your thumb against the the stud, disc or hole by throwing it forward, in the same direction lengthwise along the handle. Some people tend to push up and out which results in a loss of power and momentum to the blade.

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I have the same err.. "problem." My SW Swat is perfect for flicking. I could sit for hours in a dark room flicking that knife.
Why yes, yes I do flick my folders. I don't make a habit out of taking my knife out when I have friends over and just flicking it for flicking it's sake. But I often do when reading posts here, etc.

I agree, it's really annoying to see people open them really carefully. I can understand with an expensive custom or something, but not with my daily carries. Best was my roommate opening my Endura slowly with two hands...I had to educate him
Oh yeah! Have you tried flicking without touching the blade? It takes one motion to get the blade started down, and then another to flick it out. It really works well on the Spyderco Military, but I can usually do it even with an Endura.
I also love to flick the blade open it is so much faster than just pushing the thum stud all the way and finally hearing the little click.
Flicking the knife open can cause undue wear (peening) on the stop-pin, or even break the locking bar on lockbacks. That doesn't stop me from doing it, just wanted to point it out

For me, the measure of a good action is if the knife can be opened just by twitching your arm, so that people who see you may not even notice the motion. It's like opening the blade with your mind, very cool.

And folks wonder why I like linerlocks so much? Show me a lockback that does that.


P.S. Never, ever open your knives by flicking in public. Take them out and open them slowly with both hands, possibly while proclaiming loudly "I need to open this box with my handy UTILITY knife."
"Flickaholics Anonymous"

I'm a flicker, he's a flicker, wouldn't you like to be a flicker too?

FLICK! open! FLICK! closed....the flicker..

okay, enough cliches for me tonight....
All the time. I've gotten to the point that i can get my Delica open without touching the hole. Its pretty hard though, if you don't have just the right motion it'll only come out halfway.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?
Got to go with Corduroy on this one.

It's like opening the blade with your mind, very cool.

I have a Genesis 1, with a small flick of the wrist the blade just slides into place.

I once did this in mixed (read both knife-savvy and non-knife people) company, the only reaction after a period of silence -

"The Force is strong with this one"

I REALLY like knife-knuts.


"The thorn stands to protect the rose, yet it is peaceful and seeks no conflict."

Now, now....flicking is BAD and very addictive
I don't do it all the time: just when I need the blade ASAP! My "best" flicker with minimal effort would have to be my old REKAT Pioneer w/ the ball detent - I can open it in any postion, and barely move my hand. Its the one I take with me if I am headed into a 'bad' area
. Until the SIFU arrives

Ray 'md2020'

ps: some of my friends thought I had a switchblade/automotic....LOL. I generally, open it slow wtih two hands like Corduroy
in mixed company.

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Obsessive compulsive fun fun fun. Yes, I flick! I'm just another flicker in the crowd.

Speaking of crowds, how was your trip to LA?
Definitely FLICK. I like to measure up a knife by how well it flicks open too. With my Stryker clipped in my right front pocket and my thumb just resting on the knife, I can draw it and flick it open in just over a tenth of a second. If I can't do this consistantly with any given knife, I won't carry it. Liner locks are the way to go.
Still here Bob, but coming home soon with a couple new ones. Mini SOCUM and a Military. Looks like we need to have another DC Knifenuts lunch!
I've got plenty that cost a whole lot more, but the best flicking knife I think of any of them has got to be the CRKT M16-04/14. I cant report much on how it cuts or holds an edge...but I can report that it has been opened and closed more than some knives that I've had for 20yrs, and its still holding up great.


When in public I open slowly. For example, I opened a folder that I can shake and snap open with two hands in a StarBucks to cut the end off a cigar. Didn't get a second look. I smoked outside btw.

I practice a flick once or twice a day in private. So I can do it in emergencies. I dislike drawing casual attention to my tools, because you never know who's watching.
I agree with Jersey, you never know who is watching. If its some bad bone, i'll fight to defend but if its a cop....trouble! Too much of that 'switchblade thang' going on. But the fact is I love to flick it open too! I practice in my own room and after much workout, i can flick it as fast as an auto! That is when 'occasions' call for....
I agree flicking is great fun in "safe" company but we should be PC <long sigh> in public. I particularly enjoy flicking my Vaquero open with just a flick of the wrist,it makes the greatest "CLACK!"
. Being PC with it`s another matter. I once used it in a nice resturant to help with some stubborn crab legs. I opened it discreetly under the table and held it by the spine so my hand covered most of the blade. A good reason to carry a "kinder,gentler" knife for such occasions.
Flicking in public is certainly a no-no and I in no way advocate it. But, I also don't want to have to do my flicking in the bathroom behind closed doors. You can go blind doing that. My flicking in social situations is always discreet or none at all, even though I'm always thinking about it, if you know what I mean.
As I am getting older now, I don't flick as often as I use to when I was younger.
Ever since the action on the new AFCK's loosened up, I can't STOP flicking. My work is pretty understanding of my habit; I tend to walk around (the warehouse) flicking absentmindedly. Eating lunch, on the can, whatever. I don't really do it outside of work and home, for fear of alienation.

On a serious note, flicking is good - you tend to be more familiar with your knife's operational capabilities after opening and closing it a thousand and one times.

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