Do you have a "Dress Knife"?

I carried a Spyderco Viele Plain Edge for a while but I traded it off. I now have an Elishewitz/Nealy Tung Pan that is my dress knife. Not super dressy, but beautiful to me.
My 3-blade small traditional slipjoint folder. I just imagine that the faux handle is a real stag!
Calypso Jr. in black micarta.

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A BM 330, my Spyderco Native and Merlin in neck sheaths will be a ready for action dress up set up shortly.


My old modified AFCK is fairly dressy with the micarta scales and filework, but it's also seen a lot of wear and is very thick (about 3/4"). Since I got my Spydie Calypso (Sr.), I prefer that for dress-up because it's also in Micarta and has a very clean, elegant shape.

I am working on a new AFCK that should prove the dressiest by far


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
My dress-up load is no different from my ordinary day-wear load:

1. Endura or Goddard Lightweight
2. Delica, Calypso Jr. BM or Al Mar Falcon Ultralight
3. Victorinox SwissTool

Of course, I also wear Redwing boots to church. For more formal suit and tie occasions, however, nothing changes in the knife department. Why should it? If anything, wearing a suit means more pockets.

David Rock
-Spyderco Calypso jr (black micarta, plain edge)
-Spyderco Pegasus plain edge

BUT I'm waiting for THE ULTIMATE: Sal has promised another run of the Spyderco Tie-Clip knife, a miniature but fully working Clipit looking like a Police model!!!

Spyderco Calypso Jr., or...
Bailey Bradshaw Stag Trapper for more "traditional" occasions.

A small Sebenza is my dress,undress,fundress,and any old dress....What I was wondering, is how many petticoats you wear with that dress?
Just kidding
I carry either my Perkins Seraph(sits low, and doesn't print on clothes) or an old Hammer stockman. I haven't yet decided whether the Apogee I have on order will become a dress knife or a rare carry.

I like my women like I like my knives: strong, sharp, well-formed and pattern-welded!
A certain Blue Native is my dress and undress knife for use at times when I cannot legally carry my Military or Carnivore.

Walk in the Light of God,

Do I have a dress knife?

For "Jeans" dress folder, Charles West tactical

For "Jeans" dress fixed, Martiini Jouni in custom Bob Schrap sheath (black alligator in the waistband or tan ostrich leg on the hip)

For "Business Suit" dress, Boker Orion

For "Tuxedo" dress, Engraved Sawby C/U folder
A Bud Nealy 5 inch Kinzhal in Damascus. Elegant, lightweight, fast and beautiful.

I can't say enought about this knife.


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My dress knives are:
CR Umfaan, plain finish with my name engraved.
James Brothers Cheyenne, pewter anodized with cocobolo scales.
Klotzli, blue scales, plain blade.
Another William Henry owner here. When I need to wear a suit, I carry the carbon fiber Lancet. The anodized blue clip looks great against the carbon fiber scales, and it won't wear out the fabric like a G-10 knife. It's also lightweight and small, so it won't scare non-knife folks.

OH, it has to be my William Henry, even those that are against knives have to admire it, one engineer that was looking it over nicked his thumb and looked up at me as if I did it! I told him it was sharp! go figure...

Sunday go to meetin' knife for sure!


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It's not too often that I get dressed up, but when I do I carry one or more of the following:

- Bud Nealy 3.5 Kinzhal with satin finish and maple burl scales

- Szankovits stag handled slip joint

- BM Sentinel