Do you Hunt?

Wildfowl hunter (part time guide) here! Hunting retriever and obedience trainer as an off shoot but temporally out of business do to my recent temporary relocation DC. Hunt on the Chesapeake Bay and all it’s tributaries. Doves on the side, mainly to keep my Chessies happy retrieving something other than my socks. Love to eat them all, they are best as appetizers on the grill at parties.

Quick recipe: Marinate finger sized sliced duck breasts in soy sauce and garlic powder, wrap in bacon with a toothpick and grill medium rare. Don't over cook any wild game or it will taste gamey.
Of course.My freezer is getting a little empty now;soon it will be full.

I do not hunt and I do not like hunters very much. I do not mind people hunting for food but I do not understand people hunting for FUN. Killing for fun is not acceptable for me.
Many years ago one hunter shot my labrador and the dog died in front of the door before I got back from school. The problem in our country is (this is true for most European countries) that hunters do not have to respect other people property. If your land is smaller than about 60 acres they can hunt there WITHOUT your permission. And my dog just crossed their path...
I am sure that you would not appreciate strange armed people walking on your property and shooting at everything that moves either.
I do not want to offend enybody - it is just my opinion.
BTW in France hunters kill by accident about 50 people every year.
I hunt birds -- grouse and pheasant -- love eating them too. Occaisonally, I go after squirrel and rabbit. I like fishing for trout way more. SOmething about trout and the rivers that dwell in.

I am not totally a hunting fanatic. But being a meat eater, I think I have an obligation to understand what it is to take the life of a living thing for food. Most folks think you just get meat at the supermarket, cook it and serve it at the table. There is a disassociation from the killing process... The first bird I shot didn't die right away. I looked it in the eye, say a prayer of thanks and killed it. It was as spiritual as I get.

For big game I hunt whitetail dear, in NY state. I use a gun, but I bought a bow recently and I have to get a licence. But occationaly me and my buddies go up to Canada bear hunting, beacuse one or our friends has blood hounds, now thats some real hunting!
I agree with utilizing everything from the animals we hunt (goes back to my Native American heritage, I guess). I don't believe in being wasteful, nor in merely being destructive.

Not all hunters are ethical, nor are we all sportsmen & sportswomen. It's also true that not all owners of firearms & cutlery are ethical and responsible. Let's not try to let one experience, or a few rotten apples, spoil our outlook on an entire group.

I hunt in British Columbia, Canada.

Mostly rifle and shotgun for deer, black bear, grouse, and occassionally elk or moose if I am lucky enough to get a tag. Up here the elk and moose are done by limited entry where you enter a draw for the number of available tags.

Hunting knives, well of course my Whitetail Skinner (Outdoor Edge)
and my trusty old Premier Bowie that I have had and used for the past 27 years.
Theres nothing like going into the woods early in the morning and stalking a 200lb boar hog with a bow. I started bow hunting two years ago with a buckmaster then a bucklite now i have up graded to a fred bear borcelino.I have a trip planed for the middle of october to travel to northern minnesota to hunt white tail and mulle deer.I live and hunt in north florida so it should be a real treat to hunt in a different state. Mike K.
I use a Matthews Z-Max bow to hunt deer, turkey and hogs. South Carolina season starts in a couple of weeks.

Processing is done with a Webb and Fisher handmade custom skinner.
I like being in the woods, enjoying the air on a clear, frosty morning, the smell of smokeless powder, coffee and eggs over a fire, the smell of Hoppes (a great aftershave :^) and such, but I don't have much a of stomach for shooting critters anymore. I'll do so when I have to and I support other people's desire to do so, sport hunting included. I don't see much difference between hunting for sport and eating meat as people pay for the right to do both, and for most people at least they do so only beacause they want to, not beacuse they have to. I worry about the technology getting ahead of the sport, considering the gadgets and techniques that some people use.
Most of the time I do my hunting these days with a camera. (I am the only one in my family that appreciates game meat). This way I don't have to wait nine years in a lottery for an antelope tag, and if I come back empty it is expected. I usually go camera hunting during bow season since there is truth to the old axiom "any idiot can hunt with a rifle and usually does." Such is certainly the case in Oregon.

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Sorry spark, I don't eat what I shoot. Most of the time thier isn't anything left anyway
. I'm a bird hunter myself, Robins, Starlings, Finches. I occasionally get a shot at a crow but I never hit those ones. But If I do get a crow I promise that i'll eat at least some of it. I found a page with recipe's and all


Self improvement is a hobby of mine

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Glad to hear you are thinking about hunting season. Its already upon us here in South Carolina, deer season opened in parts of the state Aug. 15th and dove season opens this Saturday.

I hunt deer, turkey, ducks , doves, wild hogs, and the occasional bobwhite. I probally spend the most time hunting deer due to our extremely long season, 4.5 months. I hunt mainly with rifles, but a little blackpowder and pistol hunting thrown in. I never got into bow hunting becuase I love to shoot so much and our state has such liberal gun seasons,...I may have to give it a try though.

I have used ALOT of different knives hunting, mainly testing new stuff, and have developed some favorites of course. Everything from my grandfathers OLD Russell belt knife[carbon steel of course!] to my new favorite, a SIMONICH TALONITE CETAN. One point of note, most of the current TACTICAL FOLDERS with drop point blades[BM AFCK or CAMILLUS CUDA] work fine for most skinning chores. I remember using a OUTDOOREDGE Fieldlite quite a bit when they first came out, an it did a GREAT job. Still one of my favorites in its price range. Happy Hunting......

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery

I love and live to hunt. I used to live in L.A. but the fruits and nuts got to be tooo much for me . The drive to good hunting grounds grew farther and farther. So i moved to Alaska ( heaven for a hunter ) and have enjoyeed hunting at it's finest , without the bad attitude from the animal rights groups. I do have a Peta shirt...People for the Eating of Tasty Animals..heehehe
My next adventure will be in the Brooks range for Moose , Caribou , Wolf ( should be classified as a varmit) and Grizzly. My knifes will be A new Randall, and the sabenza for a pocket companion , then a Bill Duff model I have had for ages....accompanied by a good axe and saw..Good hunting to all my Blade forums peers....budman
Arkansas. Recurve bow only.
Deer, squirrels and hogs in my state.
In Texas Javalina and hog. I use 2 3/4" blade on hunter and keep small axe in backpack.
Have hunted black bear in Canada. Folks up there always treated me well.
Sounds like France needs a hunters education program.
Yep...deer, pig, quail. Rifle (sometimes pistol), I couldn't hit a barn with a bow.

Kill squirrels and rabbits almost everyday but don't eat them...the dog and cats do. Sometimes a coyote or skunk. Don't eat them either.

Fishing is my hardcore love tho

"quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

It's just heading into spring here in Australia.

Lately I have been out on a few friends properties keeping foxes away from their sheep during lambing season.

Usually I go out after the following: Rabbits, Foxes, Feral Cats, Pigs and Goats. Most of the time with a rifle or 12ga shotie, although I am getting my Bow back into usable shape (55lb compound).

As for knives, I have been carrying an EDI Genesis or a Fallkniven F1.

Come summer the new fox pups will be where's my fox whistle.


"The thorn stands to protect the rose, yet it is peaceful and seeks no conflict."

I for one am ready to head out after elk. I live in WA, but was born and raised in western MT so that is where I return to hunt.
This year the featured hunting knife will be a SOCOM DA.
Use to hunt in New York when I was younger (mostly whitetail deer w. my Remington mod 700 in 30-06). Discovered I enjoyed camping and hiking more than I did hunting (successful hunt = quick end to nice hike and a fast trek back to camp.)

Have developed a healthy respect for hunting over the years. I have hiked/camped during the Spring and Summer in areas where hunting has been tighly curtailed. Its usually not pretty - you would be surprised how quickly the animals over populate and die from starvation and disease.
I'm baaack!

David1967, I was floored by your post. How is such a thing possible? Anyone hunting uninvited on an American's land does so in the knowledge that the landowner may well consider it his civic duty to enforce trespassing laws (warning shots optional.) Even if allowed, I would never consider hunting without permission, much less shooting someone's dog. Such things are just not done by REAL hunters, dammit. Obviously your situation has shaped your opinion of hunters, which is too bad but I can't say I blame you. The term here in the Midwest is "slob hunter" and I assure you there are fewer of them than us, they just make more noise.

As for my hunting, I just got back to school last week and I'm already up to my neck in work so I won't be out after the whitetails this year. Next year (assuming I'm employed after graduation) I may be too busy setting up my new classroom. Hopefully, the year after that I'll be back out there. Maybe Spring Turkey season won't be too busy this year. Hmmmmmm . . . . .

BTW, good to see the forums again. The shakes were getting pretty bad while I was away. :)

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