Do you Hunt?

I live in Alabama and hunt Whitetails with bow ( Matthews MQ1) and an occaisonal rifle hunt. I am an avid duck hunter and turkey hunter also here in AL and in MS. Favorite hunting knife , well I use my Wyoming knife a good bit.

David1967; I don't think that there are many people in the USA that would call a person who shot a Labrador a 'hunter.' In fact, the penalties for animal abuse in the USA are often more severe than for the same damage inflicted on humans.

As for me, quoting the late, much lamented 'Bones' Mc Coy, "I'm a DOCTOR, Jim, not a hunter." Although I must admit I think hunting to provide for yourself and family is an admirable thing, and I eat game with relish (actually a morell mushroom cognac cream sauce, usually). Walt

I had the exact same experience...only mine was a rabbit. Like's not my cup of tea.

Do you listen to the birds sing as you kill them?

I hunt for a good pic., mostly Waterfowl, though to hunt varmits, or eat what you hunt seems fine...
The problem with hunters goes back many many years. Europe is quite small considering the number of people. At some point so called "hunters clubs" were formed. A group of people (at that time usually rich people) took care of the land. Nobody could do anything since the rest did not own almost any land.

Well, after WW II this has changed - but only a little. The rich people were gone - the "working class" appeared. The hunters clubs were formed again - but this time from members of communist party (CP). Other people could not get permit to buy a gun. Those "hunters" were not interested in anything else but shooting.

Something has changed after 1989 but not the law regarding hunting.

I admit - I do not like communists. This party ruled my country for over 50 years and f****d up everything they could. I cannot help it but when I see hunter I see a member of CP - and they behave exactly the same way. They do not respect other people property - they just do what they want. And that is what p....s me off. It is not just the killed dog...

BTW the law says that even on your OWN property the dog MUST be on leash if it is farther than 100 meters (about 300 feet) from any construction (building). Try to explain such a nonsense to a dog...

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I get great pleasure searching and hunting old knives at flea markets and yard sales.I now have close to 200 confirmed kills sitting in cases in my den.
I don't hunt anymore. It just costs too much in Texas. What little public hunting areas are available are too dangerous, IMHO. I sure do miss it though. Now I confine myself to fishing. My favorite hunting knife was my big Western lockback.

Dave R
I took 7 doves just after sunrise this morning. I fired my gun 18 times. It was great, and I'll do it again Saturday.
I live in Oklahoma.
Pheasant season begins 12/01 and I'll be out.Quail in Dec. Jan, & Feb.
Thats all the game I'll eat so that's all I shoot.
Today was beautiful! Blue jeans and a camo T-shirt. The wind was light (10 mph) and I hunted a watershed pond.

I test my marksmanship in the back yard by shooting Ritz crackers at 50 yards with my pellet guns.
If I can see it, I can hit it.
Nothing dies

Dr. Welch--Morels ARE game. Here in Illinois, we don't speak of "looking for" morels, we say we HUNT 'em. Clever little rascals too, experts at silence and immobility.

David1967, we agree on Communists and bastards who hunt without permission and/or shoot pets--let's be buddies, shall we?

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Gwinny-thanks and well said. Should anyone cross my land uninvited during hunting season or any other season they'll quickly realize their error. And shooting a man's dog? It doesn't get any lower. Period. People who decide to hunt animals need to take a lesson from men like Fred Bear. It is almost a religeon if you do it right. It is serious, it is soulful. Here I am all misty eyed with November right around the corner..I truly love to hunt. Thanks for the topic.
Long time hunter. I've been an avid archer and bowhunter for 25 years but a recent shoulder injury has put a dent in my archery activity. Too chicken to go under the surgeon's knife just yet.

Grew up hunting squirrels, quail, and rabbits in Indiana. Live in Michigan now and hunt squirrels, rabbits, and grouse.

I eat everything I kill and don't hunt for sport but I love the "sport" of hunting (does this make sense?). I love to hunt deer but not over bait. I like to figure out what they are eating or where they are traveling and hunt them close with a bow. But I don't go searching for big heads. When the venison's in the freezer, the double barrel comes out and I hunt grouse, woodcock and other small game.

I sympathize with those who don't like to kill animals. I don't get off on the killing aspect but growing up on a farm, I learned to accept the killing of animals at a very young age and I don't see it as aberrant in any way. Just unfortunate.

As a trained zoologist, I make my living by observing and studying animals but I also hunt them as do so many other omnivores on this planet and I apologize to no one for it.

Love to be in the woods in the fall and if that's part of "sport" then that's the part I love.

My favorite small game knife is a small pukka I bought in Finland some years ago. For deer my favorite has been a Schrade LB7. It will butcher about anything. But I'm looking forward to trying out my full size Wenger.

Here in Hawaii we hunt Axis Deer, Mouflon Sheep, Mountain Goat and Boar. I use a model 94 30/30 or a M77 30-06, if hunting Boar with dogs and knife I use a Gerber Mk II. I usually carry a Bear MGC skinner and a Randall model 14.

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David1967. Sorry to hear about your dog being shot.There may have been a reason for that action. Here in Alaska more moose and caribou calves are killed by free running dogs on the Kenai Peninsula than by wolves or bears. The fish and game want hunters to shoot dogs seen chasing moose or caribou calves. The dogs generally don't eat the animal they kill. When dogs packup their old hunting instints kick in. I've personally seen it happen. It was kind of strange because all six of the dogs were of a different breed, but they worked together like a pack or wolves.Keep Rover fenced or chained during calving season for their own safety.
My favorite knives for big game is an old handmade with 440c 5"clip point with a Cold Steel Elk Hunter with a hanging twine wrapped handle soaked in thined epoxy for a non slipgrip even when covered with fat or blood.
Hunting is bad, mmmk? Personally, I just don't see a reason for it. I don't have a problem with it, though. As long as you EAT what you kill, it's totally cool with me. If you don't well, that's very uncool. I'm a pretty good shot though, for a non-hunter. I have the rifelry merit badge! Yippee skippee!
If you think hunting is bad, you ought to experience 8 of every 10 deer starving to death because of overpopulation and a severe winter. Mother Nature is much crueler than a well placed bullet or arrow.
Yes, I do eat what I harvest, hunting is a natural part of the ecosystem balance for animals as well as man.
Sorry for the of topic response.

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I hunt deer for meat not for fun. I don't like sitting and freezing.

For fun, I like small game: rabbits, game birds [not robins or finches. How weird is that?]and of course wild Turkey.

I'm going to take my Spyderco Wagner or maybe my plain blade Wayne Goddard. My German Shorthaired pointer will just take his chompers.