Do you sleep with your khukuri?

Oct 28, 2000
Well, do you?
And does your significant other approve?

No, the khukuri is too pokey and pointy. They sleep under the bed with the dust bunnies.

The first aid thread will be required reading if I was to attempt such a feat.


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Well, the Randall Bowie hung from the bedpost for years, but since the Sirupati has misplaced it, and this consarned newfangled bed we got HASN'T any bedposts, I've just had to install a cup hook on the night stand so that the khuk, in its loose 'storage' sheath, hangs right by my head. Works for me. Oh, and my SO and I have been married for 42 years, so she's used to having weapons in the bedroom!

The sword cannot cut itself, the eye cannot see itself.
I do, usually its my 16.5" WWII. Its under the bed with its handle sticking out.

Sure do, it sits on my nightstand where it has replaced everything from a Randall to a Gerber Mark II!
Yup. I rotate them like some people rotate their daily carry knives. The ones that I use are my 15" AK, GS, Malla, 20" Sirupati or Kobra.
A lady I know has a habit of sleeping with a kitchen knife under her pillow when her husband is away -- no sheath, just tucks the knife under her pillow, and the knife is razor sharp. Somehow she has never cut herself ... I guess she is not one of those people who sleep on their sides with the crook of their elbows under the pillow.

Her husband is not a knife person and he's scared to death of the thing. When he comes home late he does not try to slip into bed without waking her....

-Cougar :{)
It's not a real HI Khukuri but my A.C. Indian made version sits on top of my dresser with my Maglite and AFCK.
Khukri is too hard to deal with coming out of a sound sleep. Other slightly smaller fixed blades work best for me -- friend of one of my roomates burst into the dorm room back in college, and tried to playfully shake me awake. No blood drawn, but he did startle me enough to get the point of a CS tanto pricking his belly just a little. I shudder to think what might have happened if I'd been a split second slower in waking up completely enough to realize what was going on.

Of course the danger of sleeping with a knife, or any weapon, is you have to be aware of what you're doing immediately on waking up. Else you might do something you'd regret later.

Minds me of a time a friend crashed on my couch and I shook him awake by the shoulder, and got a bloody nose for my trouble before he woke up.
I don't keep the one under the bed in the scabbard. Smith and Wesson 624 3 inch round butt .44 special rides in the headboard cubbyhole. Never been a sound sleeper. When I wake up, I AM awake.
When I was an eager MA practitioner, I sometimes did kata training in dream unconsciously. I thought it was image training only until I found my girlfriend crying aside of me. It was aimless blow through the buffer of thick matress. Moreover, how lucky I was, not being a knife person at that time...

I sometimes sleep with my khukuri under my pollow. A khukuri is too enough to wake up while pulling from under the pillow. An easier weapon like unsheathed knife or an unholostered gun is too scary to me.

Dear forumites, please take care.

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Mizutani Satoshi
Do I sleep with a khuk? The short answer is nah, Sharon wouldn't let me. (Hehehe)

I do have a Sanu 18" Sirupati that snuggles on the nightstand with my Browning HP, while herself has a 60's vintage Smith within easy reach though.

Cheers for now,

Gary B in the PNW.
This thread finally got me working up my "inch an ounce" 17" village chainpuri. ( In the safety thread, it's the skinny one on top, not the one cutting through the scabbard ). Sharpened, handle sanded down to make for easy grip changes, dehorned to the "used bar of soap" standard. will have to refinish wood now, seal, and find a way to position it, cause the wood scabbard didn't come with a frog. That's ok, I'm satisfied with what I got for what I paid - ( but not to the point of feeling guilty over taking advantage of poor old Uncle ).

Maybe I could just slip it under the bed, nah, that's already got the uzi under it.
Well, I do keep a 20" Sirupati next to my bed. At times, I do rotate them. My 18" Gelbu Special gets the night stand duty quite often. I also keep my 5 foot spear behind my bedroom door, just in case.
15"AK and .45ACP...both of them sleep bare
Those are there in the remote chance that I don't respond in time to my inhouse alarm system.

For proper reaction time stuff: 1) That old double 8Ga. loaded with #1 buckshot (ya have to see the results to believe it! 2) a .44 in a neck holster (home made 3) 18" Sirapati.

The wife has her own stuff......

19.5" Gelbu special on the floor, Beretta 92fs with surefire tactical light mounted under barrel(loaded with glasers), Glock 27 .40 with Federal PD 135gr jhps.

Dan K: 8 Gauge double barrel!!!!?!?!?!!!!My god! I don't know if I'd dare pull both triggers at once! That must be something to see! I fired a 10 ga. double once at age 12 and honestly fell over backward
Where did you find an 8 ga. if you don't mind my asking?

I have not tried it yet. My wife is still adjusting to my blade mania. I am working up to it however.