Do you use your knife?

Feb 9, 1999
This may turn out to be interesting, or could be a dud? But how many actually use your knife daily? AND what do you do with it? BE HONEST,
Cut boxes,rope,apples at your desk,open letters,cut steak,skin pigs,slice insulation, carve you initials on the picnic table,shave,ect,ect..Or does it ride in your pocket most of the day? I realize that each day is different, but would be cool to hear what we really do cut. Personally in my bussiness I open alot of boxes, packages,and cut tape( don,t you hate that glue that gets on the blade)
Use it in the kitchen alot and oh yea whittle a bit! My coworkers know I always have a knife, so it gets borrowed or I am quik on the draw when the need arises!Hate to loan out a real sharp $100 plain edge for Linda to cut through staples,OUUCH. So what do you think? Do you flick alot when your alone?? Lets hear your thoughts.
My Military is used all day long. Whether I'm at a sewing machine doing repairs, inspecting survival gear(everything in a survival vest is tied to it). I cut velcro to length, and destroy non servicable gear so they can't possibly be flown with again.
yea, I use it.
PS It's a plain edge/440V, I LOVE THIS KNIFE!
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I use at least two of the three on me all day long, for anything from opening boxes to 'opening' oranges. Those two are a Victorinox Executive model, and a Buck Maverick.

The Benchmade Axis 710 resides inside my waistband for the entire day. It rarely gets used or flicked.

I'm curious, prigger. Which Military do you have, the ATS-34 or the CPM440V (or whatever it is)?

I use my SAK daily... opening enveloped, cutting packaging materials, removing hang nails, etc... it really sees a lot of usage.

I have a BM 750 Pinnacle, 2 910 Strykers, a K.I.S.S. folder, 2 Enduras, and 2 "Q"'s. I used to have the need for a knife daily, now I just carry one everyday as if it were a piece of jewelry. I'd say I only actually pull it out and use it maybe once a week. -AR
I use my little SAK many times every day. Mostly just letters, relatively small boxes and real light duty stuff. It's usually the right tool for the job.

My more serious folder (3.5") is there for anything the SAK can't handle. My little Schrade key chain lockback is there in case something happens to the SAK. Anything else is not normal daily carry for me.

Seems to me daily use probably reflects what you do for a living (work) and what your hobbies and interests outside work are. When I go to put a couple miles on my running shoes, I carry really light folders and a neck knife. You all may laugh it this, but I really like those cheap Falcon folders for jogging duty. Of course, the neck knife would probably get used first - it's better quality than the Falcons. They're really just backup.
I use my Military(440V. plain edge) on a daily basis to cut everything from the morning bagel to rubber tubing to opening boxes.
I know I don't push it like some people, but I know that if it comes down to it, my knife will perform any task I ask of it.
It's great to have that kind of confidence in a blade.

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I use a SAK for most light work including stuff like cutting up my lunch which I don't like to use high end production folders for as the gunk can be hard to clean out.

As for my larger knife chores. I daily use a big blade to do yard work and related tasks. This can be just cutting up brush and scrap (which can often involve a lot of prying to separate wood nailed to flashing or simply to other wood). It can also be heavier woodworking like actual logs. Or it could even be digging up some brush to completly remove the roots where my knife gets used as a hoe to uproot the foilage, or even as a pick to pry up any large rocks.

I use my Calypso Jrn daily to open letters boxes etc.

My Micra scissors get used almost as often and whatever multitool I happen to have in my breifcase gets occasional use at work to fix the franking machine and other mundane tasks.

Bartman, as to tape adhesive, I found that it hardly sticks to the blade at all on my black coated Genesis I
My daily carry includes four knives: Spyderco Endura (plain edged); Spyderco Delica (serrated); Spyderco Calypso Jr. BM (plain edged); Victorinox SwissTool.

I use the Calypso Jr. often, for opening mail and packages, sharpening pencils, trimming fingernails, cutting paper, peeling fruit, slicing bagles, and miscellaneous bagpipe maintenance operations (scraping reeds, trimming hemp, etc.). I like this knife because it is very sharp, non threatening, and comfy in the hand.

The Endura gets used quite a bit, for any task where a longer blade is advantageous: cutting up large boxes, slicing thick sandwiches, etc. I carry this knife also for emergency situations.

The serrated Delica gets used very little, but it's the knife I choose if I'm cutting stiff plastics and that sort of thing.

I never use the knife blades on the SwissTool, but I use the can opener on an almost daily basis. The file, pliers and screwdrivers also get used often enough to justify carrying the tool everywhere I go.

David Rock
I use my CS tanto voyager every day stripping,cutting,and scraping wire, opening things, cutting food, rope, etc. I use my leatherman about everyday opening cans, holding things too small for my fat fingers, etc. I use an Ontario machete,my United SF machete, a Blackjack 1-7 or a BK&T Campanion when I'm clearing trails, hiking or otherwise scaring deer. My other knives get ocasional or emergency use.
I use mine every day, opening boxes and envelopes, and other chores around the office, occasionally some wire splicing.

Sure, most applications, an SAK or Stockman would be perfectly appropriate, but I feel a largish folder is a good thing to have in case it is needed. A little overkill is just right...

I also carry a Wave and a Micra with me everwhere, but the blades on them never see much use.

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I carry my Wegner everywhere (especially the NYC subway) & either that, the SAK , or the Sebertech M4 on the keychain gets a workout on boxes, plastic strapping, & I get really popular w/ the guys on my rugby team when it's time to cut medical & duct tape at practice or at a match. I also have a really ugly carbon steel handmade kitchen knife from a flea market in Turkey that I use nearly every day at home- it takes a great edge & holds it better than the "good" Henkels
I use my Leatherman Super Tool and Micra a lot, just about every day. The Micra earns its place in my jeans watch pocket pocket doing personal chores--trimming and filing nails, moustache and suchlike when I am at the gym or otherwise away from the dedicated cutlery in my bathroom. It cuts stray clothing threads, string and other things that require scissoring, and it is a good backup when another blade would be inappropriate (example: I used it once to cut up some fruit for a stranger lady I just knew would blench at the sight of my ST.) The tweezers are pitiful, but I have even used these successfully to draw a few splinters, altho in truth I fail with them sometimes. I once used the flat screwdriver blade to effect a field repair on a very expensive camera, which I would not have attempted with those pre-rounded SAK drivers, and I have tightened cross-head screws with that bitty half-phillips they supply. The Super, on the other hand, has saved my butt so many times I am almost afraid to step out the door without it. During a 2 week period this winter it got me rolling when a piece of s--t car I was saddled with got tempramental, during which the pliers and locking (Very Important!) tools worked to perfection. It was the only tool on hand when I was at my wife's art project miles out of town with no store nearby and she needed wire cutters desperately. Her bad planning, but these things happen and the ST was available. The awl works better than a small dead stick for cleaning out mung in my boot cleats when I have been frolicking in mud, and these are only a few of the things for which I have used it in the last couple of months! The interesting part to me is that I have lived most of my life without an ST, and as I recall, somehow I got through my days. What happened to make me dependent on that thing I don't understand, but maybe the mysticals are right--when you own something, it can own you back.
I use my SwissTool frequently, mainly to open boxes. I clean the adhesive off with an alcohol swab. I also use my Micra for occasional paper cutting and "manicuring."

My KFF doesn't come out of my pocket at work.

David Rock said:

"and miscellaneous bagpipe maintenance operations (scraping reeds, trimming hemp, etc.)."

Well, that trimming hemp part might explain something about the sound of bagpipes.

(who actually really enjoys the sound of the pipes).
Just discovered tonight that my Hobbit Fang, worn on the neck, makes a great little kitchen knife. Used it handily for chopping veggies and slicing squid. Yum...

I knew when I wrote it that some eyebrows would rise at the "hemp" reference. A Scottish Highland bagpipe consists of no less than five pipes and lots of hemp. I suppose you could smoke this stuff, just as you could smoke waxed dental floss or nylon seine twine. I wouldn't recommend it.

The bagpipe is literally held together with bits and pieces of string. Rather like a Sopwith Camel and almost as noisy.

Suas u piob,
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I carry the Leatherman Super Tool in the woods with my hunting dogs. At various times I have had to cut wood, fishhooks, and fishing line. The pliers are for porcupine encounters, but I haven't seen any this far south in Virginia.

The knife I carry most at work is an old Puma Bantam penknife, two blades. I use the big blade (two and a half inches) every day at lunch to puncture the top of the plastic on the microwave dinners. The small blade I reserve exclusively for fingernail maintenance. I'm not an animal.
I'm the U in ELU.

Worse than that I accumulate working knives, which means that rather than having a collection of anything, I have a sizeable array of beat, battered and dinged knives that nobody can appreciate.

What's most ironic about this thread and all it's many predecessors on various groups and forums is that it's a q that gets asked at all. Most of the folks that I know purchase knives only as tools to be used, or used up. That's in stark contrast to the many of you that I've gotten to know through the Internet. I find it a fascinating merger of two worlds to work around folks that use lowly utility and box knives every single day, all day, or who use lowly NSF plastic handled commercial kitchen knives every day all day to make food, and then to come here and find folks that discuss the nuances and limitations of carrying multihundred dollar knives as expressions of personality.

I can appreciate both worlds. Nonetheless, I will forever associate my own interest in knives to my working bluecollar OTJ experiences with knives as tools. Sheer, raw function wins my heart and $ over mere form every single time. ;-)