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Does anyone have any expeirence with bestknives.com??

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May 17, 2001
I was wondering If anybody has had any expeirence with bestknives.com. They seem to have great prices but If I order from them wil it go smoothly??

Bestknives is a great business. I have bought a number of knives from Mike (the owner). You will have no trouble doing business with him.
Since you are just organizing your "dealer list" be sure to check out Bayou Lafourche (www.knifeworks.com). Don't hesitate to email Roger for items you don't see on his site. Great prices and speedy delivery.Please make sure you have parental permission before ordering any knives,young fellow. We don't wany you getting into trouble at home. Hopefully, you'll be around here with us for a long time.
No personal experience, but have heard good things about them recently.


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My girlfriend bought a Toad there and the service was bad. It took about a month for the damn thing to get here. Was worth the wait though. When I called to ask about it, the people were of no help.
Try 1sks.com or others before Best.
Jeff, I don't have any experience with the dealer you are asking about, but I am wondering something. In a previous thread you posted that you were 13. Most, if not all on-line knife shops have rules against shipping to people of that age. Are you really 13? If so are you planning on deceiving the dealer? That is not a good way to start a business relationship.
Bougth two knives from Bestknives, had no problems, and quick delivery. Al
Questions about dealers should go to GB+U. Also it is a good idea to do a search there about any prospective dealers. I am moving this now.