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Good dogboye - the absolute best!


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May 1, 2008
I recently sold a knife to dogboye dogboye , and his involvement in the transaction was perfect! The only glitch (not his fault at all) was the USPS failed to update their tracking system after delivery, so his payment was held up in my PayPal account.

Then the transaction went from great to even better. The buyer followed up with his PO to get them to change the status from "available for pickup" to "delivered", even when I told him not to worry about it (I knew I would receive the money 2 weeks later, and I did not feel the hassle was worth it). So, I am changing my rating of dogboye from "excellent" to "the absolute best" – thank you! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
You’re makin’ me blush. I thank you, but I was just trying to do right by you. Your quick dropping the knife in the mail also held me to a high standard.