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Ironwood KM-3 arrived! Better condition than I expected! Great knife, quick shipping. You're the best, Josh. Thanks, Peter :cool:
I would take the other agent but The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia doesn't like double edges. :grumpy:
agreatscot said:
I would take the other agent but The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia doesn't like double edges. :grumpy:

Unless there's a local ordinance in the town/county that you live in prohibiting double edges, you shouldn't have a problem with them in California.

I'm a longtime California resident, and I just started carrying, so I've recently researched our state laws. There is nothing in the state laws that states that you can't own or carry a double-edged knife. It does say that all daggers have to be carried openly and not concealed, but the law's definition of "daggers" extends to *any* fixed blade, not just double-edged ones. Folding knives carried closed are not considered daggers.

Also, there is no length limit on the knives that you carry in California as long as you stay off school grounds. On school grounds, there are length limits, but I don't remember what they are.

Be aware that I'm not a lawyer, so don't take what I'm saying as legal advice. Check out the laws for yourself, you'll find that they agree with what I'm saying here.

Also be aware that everything I'm telling you is state laws. Again, there may be local ordinances placing stricter restrictions on you. For example, I live in LA county, and I know that carrying fixed blades, even openly, in public is illegal, no matter how short the blade.

Of course, if you get into some sort of legal trouble while carrying a knife, you will always have a harder time defending yourself in court if the knife you're carrying is double-edged vs. single-edged, regardless of whether the double-edge is illegal or not.

My point? California's not going to stop you from getting this knife if you want it.

My envelope with my part of the deal went by Priority Registered Airmail towards you today (Wednesday December 8), I got an delivery delay from my email provider for the email I send you today so I hope you'll read this post.

Best Scoutying wishes from Holland,

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