Drop a few, for the love of God

Nov 18, 2006
Hoggs, please, drop a few... just a crumb from your cart...
just a tender morsell to wet my lips...
for the love of God,... Refresh, Refresh.. x1000000000000
ok, i've got two in my cart, i'm looking for something else...maybe a tiger? or something in black?

ready to dump!
whoa, ask and Ye shall receive...got a black and a satin in my basket.

So i will drop the Yellow and Muddy Skelly now!
saw the yellow and missed her,.. got your muddy skelly, thanks
looking for satin black myself... =)
Gary, first time i ever saw a drop fall right into the intended's hands...
thanks bro...
Crap, she went to maintenance/Inventory, did i loose my grab?
Do i need to checkout now, or can i sit tight and try to add to my skeleton?
Actually, Justabuyer dropped a Muddy into my hands earlier tonight. Another amazing event, at least to me!

Gary007 -- yes, it MIGHT happen. Think it happened to my friend, Justabuyer, earlier this evening. Perhaps a call to the Company Store could straighten things out if it DOES happen to you.

Of course, the last time they did this closure this evening, they re-opened with some new GWs. So...
please don't tell me I lost my Black G10. Please. I knew I should have checked out.
Guess skunk just dropped a load.. I saw all or almost all flavors!! Managed to grab 1 Muddy Skeleton!