Drop a few, for the love of God

Wow! My second big score of the evening. I've got 2 blk/satin, 1 tiger, 1 yeller, and 2 muddys I'll be dropping in 5 minutes (10:30) - Good luck to those still in need.
THIS IS NOT MY DAY!!! I clicked on a tiger, and when I went to check out, I see that it's an OJ??? How'd THAT happen? LOL Jeez, :D Man, oh man!!!
"Basket Timeout (Minutes)

Defines the time a shopper's basket can be left without any action (additions, removals, changes of quantity) before it expires. The default is 60 minutes. You can set any limit up to 1440 minutes (24 hours).

Just like in a brick–and–mortar store items that are in shopping baskets are removed from your inventory. Sometimes customers will change their minds or something comes up and they leave their baskets without checking out. If enough products accumulate in abandoned baskets it can appear that your store has run out of them.

When the basket expires at the time limit you set, the items in the basket are returned to inventory.

To determine the right time limit for your store consider the impact on your inventory levels of having items left in abandoned baskets and the potential for your customers to be interrupted (by a phone call, for instance). You want to avoid appearing to be out of items that are simply tied up in forgotten baskets and avoid frustrating shoppers by dumping their baskets while they are still browsing in your store."