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Drop Point in AEB-L and Black and Grey G-10 with KYDEX (EDIT PRICE)

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Feb 13, 2011
$65 Paypal or Money Order

8.25" OAL Flat ground AEB-L .115" thick
Brightly polished 3 5/8" blade
Aim hardness HRC 61 with two sub zero treatments (tempered each time)
Brass and stainless pins with a copper thong hole tube
Black and grey G-10 recessed at thumb area on upper handle
Small jimping for thumb rest
KYDEX sheath with sportsmans lock-Configurable left or right hand carry/ horizontally or vertically, though I placed it for vertical, right hand. Will quickly remove from belt.

This one is a drop point that is almost leaf shaped. Feels great in the hand and to meet recent requests it is a little larger in the handle area. Sheath retention is a bit stiff in case of horizontal carry. A quick push with the thumb frees the blade from it's hold. It's a great paring that should go quickly. I'm a leather guy so my KYDEX work is more rare. Make it yours!
IMG_1706.JPG IMG_1707.JPG IMG_1708.JPG IMG_1709.JPG IMG_1703.JPG IMG_1704.JPG
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Killer deal on this blade...But I'm not in the market right now. Surprised it's still available.
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