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Echo-5 and two Hawkins knives in CPM-154 from Dogwood Custom Knives

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Aug 19, 2011
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Hawkens Knife

blade length 4.5”
over all length 9”

Just as the name implies the Hawkens knife is a reliable go to companion for an experienced woodsmen. The Hawkins knife can trace it’s heritage back through the writing of Horace Kephart, past the lessons learned on the western frontier and into the trade knives of the early American settlement. America is a vast and diverse country ranging from frozen tundra in Alaska to baked sand in death valley and across the swamp in the South East. The knife of an american outdoorsman needs to be able to function in all of these places, and the Hawkens does. The blade is designed to be effective in any outdoor knife task, whether it is dressing game, cutting potatoes, preparing kindling for the fire or notching sticks. The Hawkens knife is specifically designed to be in the outdoors be it day hike or long treck, it is light and easy to carry, sized so that depending on where you are, it could be a stand alone blade, paired with hatchet, tomahawk or machete or teamed up with a smaller knife as a primary blade. The shape and geometry of the blade and handle give excellent control and leverage when cutting, slicing, rough cutting or doing finer tasks, the Hawkens is a knife that marks a true outdoorsman.

Handle fiddleback maple over natural micarta liner, three asymmetrical 1/8” natural micarta pins exposed lanyard hole
Blade .10” (between 3/32” and 1/8”) CPM-154 scandie grind

SOLD $340 SOLD includes a hand sewn leather sheath by Reliance Leatherworks.
$25 shipping handling, tracking and insurance

Handle Santos mahogany (reclaimed flooring) with a black pin stripe G-10 liner, two 1/4” mosaic pins.
Blade 3/32” CPM-154 flat grind with micro bevel

SOLD $365 SOLD includes a hand sewn leather sheath by Reliance Leatherworkers.
$25 shipping, handling, tracking and insurance

total length * * **8-1/2”
blade length * * *4”
handle length ** 4-1/2”
blade * * * * 1/8” Cpm-154 hight flat grind with antique finish
handle Ipe over natural micarta liner with two 1/8” mosaic pins

The Echo-5 *is a great example of the evolution of the Dogwood Custom Knives companion blades, that started with the side kick, and has evolved next to the trail hiker and now to the more bushcaft influenced Echo-5. The E-5 has a light wight and nimble feel with plenty of belly.* The shape and contours melt into your hand locking the knife in so that it moves as an extension of your hand.

SOLD $355*SOld includes a hand sewn*leather sheath from Reliance Leather Works
$25 shipping,handling, tracking and insurance in the lower 48
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Tinbager the grind is at about 12 degrees total so to low a an angle for scandie and it has a small micro bevel. It looks scandi like because the blade is thin and has a lot of belly. It is one hell of a slicer!