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EDC in N690 and G-10

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Feb 13, 2011
$SOLD shipped CONUS
8.125" OAL with 3" cutting edge. Flat ground .150" thick N690 approximately HRC 60. Very small piece of file work for a bit of thumb purchase. Grey G-10 held with brass pins and a stainless thong hole tube. Good feeling, hard working knife. Has some extraneous scratches as pictured. Blue 550 lanyard with metal bead and diamond knot. Machine sewn USMC black leather sheath.

I view this to be an extremely good value! I need some of these knives laying around to get gone and fast, so keep an eye out for a lot more knives posted at or near cost.
IMG_1611.JPG IMG_1612.JPG IMG_1613.JPG IMG_1615.JPG IMG_1616.JPG
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I’ll take it. I don’t have PM capabilities here @ BF, so please give me an email address to arrange payment via.
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