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EDC Knives In S30V

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Jan 30, 2004
These two are collaboration knives I did with Mike Vagnino. I profiled the blades, he did the heat treat and grind, then I put handles on. One is hollow ground and the other is flat. We also wanted to see which grind people prefered so if you have an opinion please let me know.. Thanks!

Blade steel: S30V cryo treated
Blade length: 2 3/4"
Overall length: 6 3/16"
Handle: canvas micarta with stainless pins/tube
Sheath: leather
Price: $180 each shipped USPS priority mail in the US BOTH SOLD
-Ray Laconico


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Ray - really nice looking knives - I would have a preference for the hollow ground as well - maybe because I have so many of yours that are flat ground!!! I do like the little shortys you have put up lately - would make a great back pocket knife.
I like the flat ground. Could you post a pic in hand so we can get a feel for how the handle length works? Thx!
I like the top one, would also like to see in-hand pics & pic of back of sheath.
Hi Ray,
I like them both! The first on top has "Laconico" DNA imprinted in the blade, a glimpse and you know it's yours :)

The second one... well, I like it as well, maybe it gives me the sensation "been there, done that" llike many other knives do...

If I had to chose, I'd go first one... no, probably I'd go both! :))))