EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?


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Jan 30, 2019
Sporting my tactical letter opener today! :D

Bestech Malware.


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May 18, 2015
I circled back to my AD-15 for today's carry. This knife has the weirdest break-in process I've ever experienced -- so weird that I haven't carried it much and have come close to selling it.

Mine was manufactured after CS fixed the issue with the hardness of the lock interface cut-out in the tang (whew), but that area is prone to collect dirt, slowing down the otherwise amazingly smooth action, and initially responded poorly to pressure. Not extraordinary pressure for testing: Just "I'm cutting something and gripping harder than normal" would cause the Scorpion Lock to engage so tightly that I needed two hands to disengage it, whereas normally it's trivial to pop it with my index finger.

Over time as the mating surfaces have worn in a bit, that tight engagement issue has slowly sorted itself out. I've never seen anyone else mention this, so maybe it's just my fingers or my particular example. :confused::D



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Dec 27, 2014
alliuse alliuse That's pretty slick. What are the specs?
Curious about size and weight.
I really like your Spartan Harsey too--it's been on my want list for some time, but I've not quite found the one to get me to pull the trigger. Is that an earlier model Oculus? I find most of the decorated Harsey's too busy for my taste and the current Oculus just has too much going on for me. I like that yours has one main image with plenty of unadorned space for contrast. Actually, the model that I've almost bought a couple times is the plain Jane stonewashed version.

How would you compare your knife to a large CRK?