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EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

The Aflac Duck

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Feb 27, 2014
Anyways, back to the CT today.



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Dec 27, 2014
After three days of solo work this week--one contortionist, one on my knees, some overhead, and all up and down the stairs a gazillion times--the old bod is pretty cranky today. I'm staying home, resting, and will spend some time on our gym machines getting everything loose and moving right again. I couldn't decide whether this was a Spartan or a Skinny Saturday, so I got all four American Beauties out and am just cycling through them as it's doubtful I'm going anywhere with the need to clip one in a pocket anyway.





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Oct 13, 2018
For the love of all things good, please take a damn day off! Haha!

Maybe one day my work ethic will be half of yours. I'll be doing very well!!
Man I’ve done it my whole life since I was a little kid, kinda in the bloodline. I don’t mind it at all. If I’m working a lot that means business is good. Absolutely love getting up at the crack of dawn, make some coffee and breakfast and get to it. I have a hard time sitting still, plus I really like making money haha.

Hahahaha!!! I tell Mr. Davis to take a day off too. Lol. He doesn’t listen. ;)

Going small today with two little guys...the Willie Paulsen from SA has some of WValtakis WValtakis work on it @Billy The Hungry.
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Yea I know man. I’m off now and putting little man in the truck and heading out to have some fun. He packed material for us today so he earned it. Watching your four year old son trying to pick up 4inch EMT is a proud dad moment haha

I’ve got a hydro flask and a yeti for coffee. Honestly my hydro flask blows the doors off the yeti