EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?


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Oct 26, 2020
Kinda dreary outside today, not the best lighting for cell phone photography. Nevertheless, today's carry includes the Spartan NW Coast, SAK Tinker, and the Prevail:

Maybe it's my phone, but I prefer overcast for photos. I always get a glare in bright natural light.


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Aug 23, 2008
Going with these today, a couple of Canadians and an old Benchmade

Those are some nice ones!

I carried a Benchmade 3100 Benchmite for years as my only pocket knife at an office job. I gifted several of them to good friends including my last boss who always said it was his favorite knife ever. He was seriously bummed when he lost the knife years later and couldn’t replace it. I gifted him my personal knife as a retirement gift. Now I am the one who misses this little gem.

I am on the wait list for a North Arms Skaha too. Really looking forward to that one in 2022. It ticks a lot of boxes for me.



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Oct 21, 2014
Standard 2015 Buck 301.
Case 62131CV Canoe. I dn't know the date code. 5 "x"are left. the 5 "*" are gone.
c1936 -1952 Imperial Scout/Camp knife. The 4th blade is a pen blade, not a punch. Due to the "modern" can opener with "PAT PEND" under the "Can Opener", I suspect 1940's manufacture.
1978-1986 four pin Schrade Old Timer 7OT, with 1095 blade.
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Apr 19, 2016
I was reminded again today why I don’t carry this knife very often. While it has great potential, it literally takes no pressure at all to close the blade. I wish I had a better understanding or working knowledge of this “double detent” system, but if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them. I’ve emailed Isham Bladeworks several times to see if there’s anything they can do to give it some sense of “lock up” when opened…..but my inquiries have gone unanswered.

It’s a shame that using it scares the crap outta me. At least I got a pretty cool pic today, lol.

To paraphrase what @Sharp & Fiery said about another slip joint, I’m now the proud owner of a glorified letter opener.

God help me if I hit any tape with it….

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I know what you mean Zero. The blade shape is almost poetically beautiful. Bought mine as my new dress knife and all it does is just sit in it’s box. Love that version you have.