EDChef Pass Around Thread

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I included the fatwood, out of a sense of knife fraternity and community with in this sub-forum, plus I i have an over abundance of it accumulating in my backyard. Like a dog with a stick, I can't seem not pick up what I find and bring it home.

It was easy enough to include as it did not cost anything, except time spent going on a hike.

But, I don't know if it's common to include non-knife items in a pass around - this is my first time, too.

However, if anyone wants some wild caught fire-starter, let me know as I can't use it all up:

The fat wood was great, I used a piece to start a fire the other day. There isn't much fat wood around here.
The fat wood was great, I used a piece to start a fire the other day. There isn't much fat wood around here.
Yeah, those pieces were rich with sap and looked good enough to eat, like sticks of honey.

Could call it fire candy while it feeds a flame, but biting into a piece is really disappointing.
If that's how you feel you might need to build up your ter-might.

Yes, I know that was really bad...🤦‍♂️
Is that sort of thing usually expected on a pass-around? How does it usually work. I've never actually been part of one before these two, let alone run one.

My First pass-around too....
But I've seen that before (adding goodies) if you want/Can?
It's no big deal, just little something.....a token of appreciation to Everyone.

I Originally made a new sheath for this knife.
*Nothing wrong with David's, but I carry knives differently and I wanted a bit more retention and have it set up differently for My time using it.

I started to think that I shouldn't send it along, and I didn't want to give the wrong impression... But I wanted to send a little something. So I made a little Bic lighter holder for His sheath. I bought a new lighter and everything. (Everyone likes burning Stuff, right?) Then I wondered about shipping? Is it considered explosive/Dangerous? Idk?
I kept seeing mixed info..... So I kept the lighter home, and sent along a couple bucks,for another Bic, for whomever is lucky enough end up with this special knife... :D
if they toss the holder, it's cool...... whatever they want.

I've seen it done in other subforums. Ones that are "more cult-like" with their following...... Example/Beckerheads. Those guys are Awesome.

I think David's fanbase is building/growing now too.

What a thoughtful addition to the package, thank you for doing that!
A quick review of the EDChef. First off, the knife was beautiful and the workmanship was top notch. I really enjoyed using this, as the grind was perfect, it was nice and thin at the edge and made a great slicer. The handle was very comfortable to use with different grips and no hot spots at all. No kitchen should be without one of these.
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Thank you so much for the generous appraisal!
I received the knife today, it will be a few days before I get a chance to use it.
1st impressions it is well done, with superior craftsmanship.
For myself I would like a finger choil, having that also a shorter handle.
A hammer grip is not comfortable to me as is, but a pinch grip ( which I use mostly ) is comfortable, also my forefinger on top of the blade is comfy.
More coming as I use it.
In theory I could have an EDChef in 15N20 ready by Valentine's day. I'm not saying, you know, I'm jussayin
Actually, customs is backed up and I don't have the sheet yet, so probably not. But by St. Patrick's Day, sure. :)
Actually, customs is backed up and I don't have the sheet yet, so probably not. But by St. Patrick's Day, sure. :)
green handle then ;P ........ and absolutely pictures will be required!!!

*bartenders are Always cuter dressed on St. Patties Day.....haha

*i grew up in an Irish community, so I can say That ;)
The bartenders here cut many dozens of lemons, limes, oranges dailey.
Everyone who has used it gushes at it's cutting abilities !
Today the owner is using it and has asked about buying one.
I would say that says it all about this design. !
Dave when you have time message me on the subject of her buying one. I would think stainless steel as mutiple people with little knowledge of knife maintenance will be using it.
Congrats David on creating such a usefull design.
Also I need the information for sending this one to it's next destination.